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If you haven’t seen the lines outside PappaRich in Adelaide then my dear you didn’t see the fear in me looking at the line to eat this Malaysian franchise. After the hype had died down a bit my friends and I decided to give this place a spin (no wait hooray).

papparich teh tarik

Teh Tarik ($4.50)

I got a bit excited and over ordered a bit of everything which resulted in me dying trying to scoff it all down. The first thing to arrive on the table was the roti planta which was roti spread with margarine and a sprinkle of sugar throughout. Dunking this sweet, crispy roti into the delicious chicken curry was everything I wanted – no complaints here :)

papparich roti planta

Roti Planta ($7.90)

Giant slice of fluffy french toast that was covered in a kind of maple syrup with a slice of butter that melted away. The freshness of the bread was delicious with a bit of crunch on the outside from being toasted. This was my favourite out of the whole meal.

pappa french toast with butter


Pappa French Toast with Butter ($7.90)

Although the prawn mee looked really good it lacked any depth in flavour. The prawn broth had a briny, fishy taste but the soup itself was watered down with a lack of flavour. Slices of chicken pieces were tender and juicy but by themselves there was no taste to it. Served also were 3 fresh prawns, half a hard boiled egg, bean sprouts and water spinach – there was really nothing to cover up the nothingness of this dish.

pappa prawn mee

Pappa Prawn Mee ($13.50)

The roti and  toast were delicious but sadly the prawn mee was very flavourless. At the end of the day the prawn mee was my main and even with good entrees that’s not enough to make me want to come back.


Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere:  3/5



116-116A Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000


7225 9991

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