Lucia’s, Adelaide

During my trip to Europe I had stayed a week in a small Italian village at H’s grandma’s house. It was such a shock to see how simple the food was where everything tasted amazing and fresh. Lunch was a few small dishes like prosciutto wrapped rockmelon and sliced tomatoes with a dollop of mozzarella and vinegar. H cringed at the sound of me describing our pastas and pizzas (we pretty much bastardise it) because Italian pastas are served as simply with a drizzle of olive oil and herbs. Now that I am back I hope I have a better appreciation for Italian food :)

Lucia's Adelaide Central Market

Lunch at Lucia’s and I was surprised to see how empty it was – usually this place is buzzing and packed to the brim! What stands out in the tagliatelle a vongole dish was the fresh stands of tagliatelle pasta but it was hard to get much of the soup-like tomato sauce on. The flavours of the sauce seem to be turned down as it was a bit bland. Bites of baby clams gave way to a seafood taste but I do prefer the vongole made from white wine rather than this tomato version.

Tagliatelle a Vongole –  baby clams and fresh tomato sauce ($12.50)

Ha this carbonara was so interesting – dig deeper and there was a cooked egg inside! Never seen that before but H (a different H) said it was tasty and was like a breakfast pasta. Can’t argue with him there – bacon ,eggs and pasta ;) The sauce didn’t look too heavy so I must try this next time.

Penne Carbonara ($12.50)

An easy lunch with simple fresh pasta but I love my sauces packed with flavour – lucky I live in Australia with our bastardised version :)

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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