Indian Temptations, Blair Athol

Indian Temptations sets a very high benchmark for all Indian restaurants in Adelaide – it is because of this place that I don’t want to try any other Indian places out of fear of disappointment. It’s that good. Where can you find something that will top their deliciously packed filled curries at such affordable prices? I dare you to try me. Another get together with the lovely Adelaide bloggers (Foodie Ling, The Smiling Foodie and Dbites) brought us to the amazing Indian Temptations. Starting with my mango lassi – a thick mango yogurt drink with a slight sour kick at the end. Not too sweet and it’s something I’ll always order here.

Mango Lassi ($4)

I’ve never gone for the entrees at Indian Temptations as I dive head first into the curry – that stuff will fill you up to the brim. Mixing it up we got the samosa chat which was a smashed down delhi samosa. The samosa itself was filled with a spiced mushy potatoes and peas mixture but had an incredibly crunchy pastry. Drizzled over with sweet chutney and yogurt made this dish quite sloppy. I was not use to the strange Indian spice mix so it wasn’t a hit for me, however the other bloggers loved this so it may just be me and my weird tastebuds :P

Samosa Chat ($9)

Tender juicy chicken covered in an amazing spiced yogurt marinade – ah mazing ;)

Tandoori Chicken ($9.90)

Ok, maybe my tastebuds are a bit Westernised as the next dish I’m going to rave about is the butter chicken. Not your typical food court butter chicken but one where each mouthful of sauce gives a burst of strong spiced flavours – if eating it as leftovers the curry is so much better the next day with more infused flavours. Sadly I’m a weak chilli eater so this beef vindaloo was way too hot for me to handle. All this was curry was eaten with the chicken biryani which is a spiced Basmati rice with chicken pieces mixed through. I wasn’t a fan of the spice mixture again and found the rice to be a bit wet.

Butter Chicken ($11.90), Beef Vindaloo ($11.90), Chicken Biryani ($12)

Ahhh garlic naan – that’s the good stuff. Crispy top on the naan with a punchy garlic hit. This is my favourite thing to eat with curry, heck I could eat it just by itself. The roti was alright – nothing bad but nothing amazeballs either.

Garlic Naan ($2.50) and Roti ($2.50)

Although not the best looking restaurant out of the bunch where you will leave the place smelling like curry, this place has always had me running back. Everything has always been consistent and delicious where I’ve never had a bad curry day ever. Love the butter chicken and garlic naan but next time I’ll stick to just white rice :) In the end our bill came to $17 per person – not too shabby aye? ;)

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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