Daruma (だるま, Osaka

Daruma (だるま, Osaka

There is no plan when we eat in Japan, we just walk around and try and find a restaurant that can house a group of poor uni students. One place we stumbled upon in Namba was だるま (Daruma) which sold kushikatsu, a famous fast food of Shinsekai. Kushikatsu is basically meat, seafood and vegetables on skewer, drenched in a a batter of flour and panko breadcrumbs and then deep-fried for that crispy taste.

As a bit of an entree we got edamame (salted soybeans). I may have an addiction with these, sometimes late at night I sit in my room by myself and eat a whole big box of these babies feeling no sense of shame whatsoever.


Kushikatsu felt like a deep fried kebab but replace the meat with some weird things. I shared the Hozenji set and yes you saw the description right, I had deep fried asparagus. It was … disgustingly nice, I’m still not sure how I feel about it still.  I’m actually not quite sure what I ate, it seemed to be the luck of the draw but I guess deep fried anything is amazing. I really liked the quail eggs! Deep fried shrimp was so good, more crumbly and crispy than tempura prawns. The mochi one was a bit weird, felt a bit like eating gooey rubber.

Hozenji Set – Classic Kushikatsu, Asparagus, Quail Egg, Rice Cake (Mochi), All-natural Shrimp, Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet), Chicken Meatball, Sausage  Cheese and Chikuwa Fish Paste, Cheese, Sweet Potato, Karaage (Deep-Fried Chicken)

For dessert we had a green tea icecream sandwich. Smooth silky icecream with a bitter green tea flavour, followed by a crunchy wafer-like coating. Umm yumm right?

Green Tea Ice-Cream Sandwich

Deep fried fanatics – for freshly deep-fried bites, make your way to Japan now, this is your home boys and girls!



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