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For some reason Andre’s hasn’t been on my radar – I’ve heard of it and C used to live right next door to the place but I’ve never had the push to go there. That was until another bloggers dinner came about – we’ve had too many strike outs together that enough was enough we say. Time to go to a place where we know we would get a good feed and luckily D and L suggested Andre’s – time to pop my cherry.

We were an easy crowd and chose the Feed Me menu at $62/person where the dishes would be chosen for us. What came out first was arancini with a crispy deep fried outside that encased tomato rice with a mushroom center. Smoked potato that was creamy and delicious that went well with the arancini.

I love me some carpaccio with thinly sliced pieces of black Angus fillet that melted in the mouth. Topped with a walnut and taralli crumb, truffle pecorino and aged balsamic brought so much flavour to the table that you wouldn’t have know these slices of beef were raw.

The next dish was so amazing – let me show you the burrata. A giant blob of mozzarella that when you cut into it, it starts oozing soft cream. What I couldn’t get over was how the fresh mozzarella that tasted like Italy. This was paired with crispy fried bread, sopressa and one of the most delicious caramalised onions I have eaten.

Conchiglioni was next that had pasta shells stuffed with roast pumpkin, pepitas and ricotta. The delicious truffle funghi was such a punch of strong mushrooms by itself but when eaten with the stuffed pasta you couldn’t taste any of it.

Conchiglion roast pumpkin filled pasta shells, truffle funghi, pepitas, ricotta

Ah polenta, I can finally try you (don’t judge me!). The texture of polenta was really not what I was thinking it would be – smooth and soft yes but it had the jelly-ish firm form. Paired with the sauteed mushrooms, taleggio cheese, basil pesto and pinenuts gave it much more depth in flavour but alas this dish was pretty heavy.

Oh I was in heaven eating this steak and for those that know me: I love my sauces. Well heck with that because this steak was cooked pink and medium-rare that gave it such softness and melt in your mouth texture. Let’s not stop there because that marinade or whatever they cooked it in gave it a slight sweetness. This was probably one of the most delicious steaks I’ve had in Adelaide – a good piece of steak with no sauces or anything crazy :D

Our other main was L’Anatra that had a tender confit duck leg where the meat just came so easily off the bone. I found the duck to be a bit flavourless by itself but that may have been in comparison to that delicious bed of broth it’s sitting in. For some reason it reminded me of Asian food – not because of the flavours but rather the farro used as mum makes a soup that uses a similar grain.

Dessert was the zeppole with a very crispy crunchy outside that was dusted with sugar but biting into it gave way to a doughy center. It wasn’t bad but it’s probably not something I would order by choice.

The food was delicious but it would have been nice if we had more of a pasta dish – there were those stuffed pasta shells but that felt more like an entree. A lot of hits with the delicious steak, oozing with flavour carpaccio and super fresh mozzarella just like Italy. We went during Fridays and they have 2 seatings – one from 6-8 pm and another seating at 8:30 pm. It was a long wait between our entrees and mains (about half an hour) so towards the end of our seating we were being rushed out with the waitresses often popping in to see if we were done. That may also explain why we got the zeppole as a dessert as it was probably the easiest thing to serve us. Overall a pretty delicious experience and now I have to take C with me after I’ve raved on about them so much :D


Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere:  3/5


Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar

94 Frome St, Adelaide, SA 5000

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