Tsujiri, Kyoto

When I was in Japan 3 years ago I would pass Tsujiri so often and it wasn’t until a Japanese girl said it is one of her favourite shops that I started taking notice. Everytime I passed it there would be lines from the top of the stairs all the way to the streets and being a poor uni student, I didn’t venture in and wanted to spend my money exploring. Although I did manage to try their softserves and it tasted amazing. For 3 years this place has haunted me because if their softserves tasted this good, their desserts must be as good!

The matcha softserves at Tsujiri are probably the best I’ve ever tasted in all of Japan. My other favourite was a small shop in Uji, Kyoto where the top of the softserve was dusted with matcha powder (although I did go back this trip and the softserve was quite gummy and not as good as I remembered). Tsujiri still tasted as good as I had it the first time 3 years ago where the softserve was very smooth with a sweet green tea flavour. It is a bit expensive but oh so worth it.

They also had a hojicha softserve (roasted green tea) and I just had to try it. Super smooth texture with a lovely fragrant roasted green tea taste. Love love loved this and it also had a very slight bitterness.

Hojicha Softserve (¥490)

If I didn’t make it clear enough in my other posts but I am not a fan of Asian/Japanese desserts – especially the gummy things without much texture or taste like wagashi or mochi. I’m a lot biased here but these parfaits did not impress me. The tokusen tsujiri parfait started with fluffy matcha whipped cream that had a slight hint of bitterness. Studded with cubes of matcha castella cake, it then just blended into a heap of tasteless jelly like things of wobbly matcha jelly, red bean paste, rice dumplings that were pretty much chewy mochi. It all ended with agar jelly cubes in a matcha syrup that tasted okay.

Tokusen Tsujiri Parfait (¥1383) and Shiratama Parfait (¥1020)

Matcha with Rice Dumplings and Syrup

Although not a fan of their parfaits, I do recommend their softserves and the great thing about their softserves is that you can get it from their takeaway stall downstairs meaning you don’t even have to line up :D


573-3 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 605-0074, Japan


Tsujiri, Kyoto

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