Miyajima Streetfood

Street food in Miyajima was amazing and it is probably one of the best street foods I’ve had for a very long time. Let me start with yakigaki which I was referring to in my last post about Kakiya.


Look how big these oysters are! Loved the giant oysters that had a charred taste but it felt like eating abalone (FYI abalone is one of my most favourite food ever). Topped with a sweet sauce and mayo makes this perfect. Highly recommended and it is the only way to eat oysters.
yakigaki miyajima oysters

Yakigaki (¥400 for 2)

The next most amazing thing I tried was this grilled rice ball with oysters at Pettara Pottara. The rice was super crunchy that had this amazing sweet and sticky sauce; plopped right on top was a juicy oyster. Soooooo good!

pettara pottara grilled rice all with oyster

I’m not sure what the name of the store is called but it is located on the waterfront on the walk from the station. Oyster curry bread that was filled with curry sauce in the middle and 2 oysters. It was enclosed in a crisp looking bread but it wasn’t crunchy – have a feeling it may have sat out for a bit but would be so good if we got them fresh.

oyster curry bread

This is one of the most amazing discoveries I made in Japan. I first saw them in Kanazawa as we saw a girl dressed in a giant melon bread outfit and it was hard to not notice her. This place is called “World’s second best freshly baked melon-pan icecream” and they are not that hard to find – I’ve seen them in Kanazawa, Kyoto and Miyajima. Fresh melon bread that is dotted with sweet shortbread biscuit on top to gave that delicious crunch. This time I chose the matcha icecream and it had that lovely bittersweet flavour with a smooth texture. I do prefer the subtle vanilla icecream more as I find it complements the sweet melon bread more.

melon bread icecream

My advice is just to eat everything there as they really are not afraid to take risks with the food. It pays off and everything I ate on the street was amazing – my highlights were the yakigaki, grilled riceball and the melon bread icecream.

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