Kakiya, Miyajima

In Miyajima you will find the place lined with stores that sell grilled oysters where there will be more on Miyajima street food later on. Today’s post will be on Kakiya where I also found from reading Not Quite Nigella’s Hiroshima post. Funnily I ate here 4 years ago when I was last in Miyajima. Kakiya is the cleanest looking restaurant on the block with decently priced meals. You’ll find it’s got a very modern feel the place but what is interesting is that they only specialise in oysters here.

kakiya miyajima oysters (5 of 5)

I got the Kakiya set which let you try a bit of everything with oysters cooked in different ways. My favourite was the deep fried oysters which were juicy and soft like abalone. The tartar sauce and ketchup were also cutely served in oyster shells. The oysters in oil had bits of meat in it and it mainly tasted like soy sauce. Red miso oyster soup was mainly just like a normal miso soup but it was a nice surprise to find an oyster in there.

kakiya miyajima oysters

Kakiya Set (¥2150)

The oysters in the rice were boiled and then steamed in an oyster broth but I found the dish to be quite plain. There wasn’t much flavour but the seaweed did help give some saltines and taste to the dish.

kakiya miyajima oysters

Kakiya Oysters in Rice

These were 2 giant oysters that were barbecued and tasted like abalone. I do prefer the grilled oysters on the street as it has more of a charred flavour and that something special to it.

kakiya miyajima oysters

Barbecued oysters

This was C’s oyster set that had fried oysters which is the same as in the Kakiya set.

kakiya miyajima oysters

Oyster Set (¥1620)

It was interesting to eat oysters cooked in different ways but my favourite here is the deep fried oysters. Actually my most favourite way would be grilled oysters (yakigaki) and that would be where all my food money would go if I did ever come back to Miyajima.



539 Miyajimacho, 広島県廿日市市 Hiroshima Prefecture 739-0588, Japan


+81 829-44-2747

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