Japanese Kit Kat Boutique

If you didn’t realise already I have an unhealthy obsession in collecting Japanese Kit Kats where I’ve tasted all the Japanese regional kit kat flavors, some seasonal kit kat flavors and the baked kit kats. The one thing I haven’t tried is the premium kit kat flavors which are only available at the boutique called kit kat chocolatory. I visited the one in Kyoto which was located in the food basement of Daimaru shopping department. The Kyoto kit kat boutique also had a cafe on the side but after my epic hail below I didn’t have the spare yen to buy some softserve :(

There are a few premium flavors and the weirdest one is a butter kit kat flavor. I hate butter and wasn’t game enough to try it but the other kit kat flavors were more normal sounding: green tea and kinako, strawberry maple and passionfruit and chili flavor.

Kit Kat Chandelier 

The chili and passionfruit kit kat flavor had a lovely coying passionfruit taste in dark chocolate (always a winning combo) with a surprising chilli kick at the end.

Chilli and Passionfruit Kit Kat Flavor (¥432 not including tax)

Another premium flavor was the strawberry maple where it had a strawberry white chocolate coating and a sweet maple layer in between the wafers. It tasted quite good but I didn’t find it that much more amazing than the regional amaou strawberry kit kat (the price tag did not justify the taste).

Strawberry Maple Kit Kat Flavor (¥432 not including tax)

The sublime bitter was very bitter – my guess is 90% cocoa. The chocolate was very good quality with a smooth crisp snap and it’s one for the dark chocolate lovers.

Sublime Bitter Kit Kat Flavor (¥325 including tax)

While I was in Japan, Nestle had just released their new “I Love Tea” collection. One thing that Nestle does amazing green tea kitkats and I knew I was in for some serious tasting. Like all things at the boutique this was not easy on the wallet where you only get 5 kit kats for ¥2484 not including tax (about $30 AUD). Even though they advertise that it contains 10 kit kats you only find half a mini kit kat in each box :(

I Love Tea (¥2484 not including tax)

Gyokoro is one of the most expensive green teas as it is grown in the shade 3 weeks before it is harvested (sencha is grown in full sun). The first thing I noticed was it’s beautiful dark shade of green in this green tea kitkat with small pieces of gyokoro tea leaves mixed into the chocolate. Amazing bitter flavor and you definitely know it’s a strong brew of green tea you’ve got there. A very clean and refreshing flavor that I wanted more of.

Gyokuro Kit Kat Flavor

Hojicha is roasted green tea and I loved this toasty, roasted flavor with a sweetness lingering at the back. Don’t eat it after the gyokuro as the taste is subtle compared to the strong bitterness of gyokuro.

Hojicha Kit Kat Flavor

Genmaicha is a green tea that contains toasted brown rice. I got a strong hit of roasted puffed rice and a sweetness from the chocolate. There was a subtle tea flavor but it was quite dominated from the roasted aroma.

Genmaicha Kit Kat Flavor

Definitely moving towards the Chinese tea end as it had that umami, refreshing oolong tea that you would drink during summer. Dark chocolate mixed with oolong tea leaves was quite fragrant and not too sweet. I loved how the tea was lingering through the palate even after finishing the kit kat.

Oolong Tea Kit Kat Flavor

Love this black tea kit kat! Eating this kit kat was like drinking black tea – they’ve really nailed the flavor down.

Black Tea Kit Kat Flavor

The I Love Tea range has been the best kit kats I’ve ever eaten. I don’t think I will ever buy them again due to the very expensive price tag but I would recommend trying it if you love kit kats and tea as much as me. For me, the other premium kit kats (chili and passionfruit, strawberry maple) did not impress me enough to give my double thumbs up. They tasted nice but I would have been happy forking out $5 for the lower range peasant stuff.

For a kit kat boutique, I had a little hope they would sell some of the wacky flavors but sadly they don’t. It’s only the high range, expensive kit kats.

Kyoto Kit Kat Boutqiue


(B1) of Daimaru Kyoto (79 Shijo Street Takakura Nishiiri Tachiurinishimachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)

Japanese Kit Kat Boutique

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