Janice Wong, Tokyo

After a 6 hour train ride from Hiroshima to Tokyo, we were tired, sweaty and feeling gross. Taking a wrong turn I spotted Janice Wong’s new dessert bar in Shinjuku – wait, what? THE Janice Wong! For those that aren’t too familiar with her, she had won Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2 years in a row and was on Masterchef last year. The dessert bar had just opened up shop 2 weeks before I visited and I just jumped in line without hesitation. Yes I did drag poor C with me and we were terribly underdressed walking in.

When we went we were lucky enough to meet Janice Wong and have her make our desserts. Would definitely recommend getting a counter seat as you get to to see them plate up and envy all the other dishes you didn’t get.

Janice said that the Cassis Plum was inspired by Japan and it was invented in 2013. Can definitely see the influence as it would suit Japanese taste buds as it isn’t too sweet and quite a light dish. Sitting on a bed of umeshu granita, you’ll find a sourish blackcurrant orb that is topped with a umeshu jelly but cut it open and it’ll ooze a creamy yogurt foam that is smooth and tangy. At the bottom you’ll find some raspberry rice crispies that gave a nice textual contrast to the smoothness of the orb and foam. Sprinkled around are some citrussy yuzu tapioca and also cubes of bamboo shoot in miso and soysauce (surprisingly paired well together). A delicate and clean dish that was really refreshing.

Cassis Plum (¥1950)

Janice recommended the Chocolate H20 and Cassis Plum for us as it was the first time we’ve been to one of her restaurants and they are the two dishes that are made with no references. C’s dish was the Chocolate H20 which was made up of a dark chocolate mousse that had a lovely bitterness and was velvet smooth. Salted caramel ran down the ridges of the mousse and that salty sweetness was so perfect. A scooped cornet of yuzu sorbet was a refreshing citrus hit that helped cleanse the pallet. C isn’t a dessert person at all but because Janice’s desserts aren’t sweet, he loved it and said that this was the best dessert he’s ever had in his life.

Chocolate H20 (¥1600)

Beautifully plated desserts that look like a piece of art (desserts should always look like this). Definitely one for those that don’t like super sweet desserts but rather a balance of flavours. The highlight was meeting Janice Wong who was super nice and happy to take a photo with me. I don’t usually post photos of myself but I couldn’t help myself here :D

Janice Wong Dessert Bar


5 Chome-24 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0051, Japan


+81 3-6380-0317


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