High Tea at InterContinental Adelaide

This meal was independently paid for

It’s weird to think that I started out this year never setting foot into the InterContinental Adelaide. At my count this is my third time where I have already tried their High Coffee and eaten at Shiki. I feel like a walking advertisement.

So what brought me here again? It was for W’s hens night and after being quite impressed with the High Coffee, I was looking forward to the High Tea. Gonna be honest here but I don’t do High Tea – portions always look so small and it feels that the desserts are made up of things that I’m not dying to try.

macarons and eclairs High Tea at InterContinental Adelaide

The bottom tier was filled with sandwiches and our savories for the High Tea. A cute sour dough bread held fresh prosciutto drizzled with Bavarian mustard. Pulled chicken with tarragon and apple mayonnaise was quite tasty but at that point I was full from demolishing most of the desserts so it was hard to remember. The one sandwich I did not attempt was the cucumber with sour cream and chervil – saving precious stomach real estate (priorities!)

It also came with a tray of small pies and quiches which was another welcomed savoury dish.

High Tea at InterContinental Adelaide

Scones looked absolutely perfect and round but it was quite small in size (around 3-4 cm diameter). They were soft and fluffy but not warm. It would have been nice to have them popped in the microwave as it is missing that homey element.

A tray of piped cream in jars and Beerenberg jams were placed on the table at the start. I think we got marmalade which had this sour hit that was offputting and didn’t pair well with the scones. The strawberry jam and blackberry jam(?) were simple and added that much needed sweetness to the scones.

High Tea at InterContinental Adelaide scones

My favourite tier – pastries! Highlights for me were the salted caramel eclair with it’s light and puffy choux pastry. Filled with a dot of salted caramel which I had thought was just caramel. Another hit was the passionfruit cheesecake that was creamy and smooth with the tartness from the passionfruit cutting through the sweetness.

I got the salted caramel macaron which had a soft and dainty shell. It was a tad too salty for my taste but it wasn’t bad. I did find the lemon meringue tart to be quite heavy and buttery where the lemon curd was had no hint of lemon. The meringue was very sweet and it really did need that sourness from the curd. There was also a brownie but I did not get to try it as it had unknown nuts in it. The girls on the table loved it though :)

Lemon meringue tart and macarons High Tea at InterContinental Adelaide

The high tea came with a glass of sparkling wine or a mocktail if you asked. We also got a choice between filtered coffee or loose leaf tea. Cost of the high tea is $35 per person Mon to Fri and $39 on Sat – Sun. Decently priced for High Tea but then again I feel that it’s a lot of money for some snacks and not for a meal. It didn’t have anything that I was dying to try or that I couldn’t get elsewhere separately.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5 – polite and friendly where they leave you be
Atmosphere: 3/5

This meal was independently paid for


InterContinental Adelaide High Tea


InterContinental Adelaide
North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000


(08) 8238 2400
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