Cafe Troppo, Adelaide

Cafe Troppo is a little store hidden away in Whitmore square – it’s only a stone throws away from Chinatown. Although still out of the way, be prepared for the crowds as it gets packed quickly.

cafe troppo

When I was ordering, the girl mentioned that the guy who forages mushrooms couldn’t find the mushrooms so would I be ok with some Swiss mushrooms? Woah, that is some dedication to a dish – foraging mushrooms! I probably wouldn’t have noticed but I liked how she still asked. The Wild Pine Time was sooo delicious with a fresh slice of sourdough, topped with juicy sauteed mushrooms, crispy bacon lardons and rocket that helped refresh the pallet. Cutting into the egg released a runny yolk center which helped bind all the elements together. A slice of haloumi that was nicely fried – fried cheese, what’s to complain about?

sauteed wild pine forest mushrooms on sourdough with bacon lardons, a poached egg and haloumi

Wild Pine Time ($17)

On another visit I took C here and we tried some of their July menu. We got the brekky pizza which had a crispy pizza base but the crust was a bit burnt which made each bite have a lingering burnt taste. The homemade red sauce was quite delicious which covered pieces of swiss brown mushroom and topped with melted oozy swiss cheese, fresh rocket and crunchy bites of walnut. A runny poached egg laid on top of the pizza and was a nice addition. Although a tasty pizza it felt like it needed pepperoni or some kind of meat – for me a good vegetarian dish makes me not care that it’s a vegetarian dish.

cafe troppo Brekky Pizza

Brekky Pizza ($16)

The other thing we tried were the waffles (a special). I did share this with C so I’m not sure if he ate a lot of the cream but when I got to it the waffles were quite dry and crumbly and didn’t go down easily. It wasn’t a crispy waffle but more like a dense pancake. Bites of caramelised apple had a refreshing sweetness but what I couldn’t get over was the strong cinnamon presence (probably from being dusted on). I don’t like cinnamon at all so this was very off putting for me and a bit sad that it wasn’t written on the menu – I would have avoided it :3

cafe troppo waffles and coffee

Waffles with caramelised apple, cream and honey ($15)

A lovely place with some tasty food and the menu changing monthly. I’ve only been on Saturday’s and it’s packed so be prepared.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5


Cafe Troppo
42 Whitmore Square
Adelaide SA 5000

08 8211 8812

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