Mister Sunshine's, Thebarton

Surrounded by an industrial area you’ll find Mister Sunshine’s – you don’t have to look too hard as you’ll see it filled out with people sitting outside even in winter. Sorry C but I forced him to give up our sunny table for one in the shade – all in the name for a good photo :P

mister sunshine

I think this place is more famous for their breakfasts but C and I aren’t breakfast people. We skipped ahead to the lunch menu and spoiler alert: you had me at haloumi. Fat, chunky slices of haloumi that was topped with flavoursome minced mushroom, sour pickled cabbage and rocket. The burger was like a Breadtop bread – soft and fluffy inside with a crunchy outside. It was quite tasty but sitting outside in winter made my food go cold quite fast (doesn’t help I’m a slow eater).

haloumi burger

Haloumi Burger ($14)

C’s steak sandwich was soooo delicious – juicy, tender slices of Angus scotch fillet with it covered in chimichurri aioli and melted provolone. But what was amazing was the toasted bread that was like garlic bread. Next time I’ll get the steak sandwich after seeing C demolish it – before we came he was claiming he wanted a small bite and was not even hungry :/

steak sandwich and coffee

Steak Sandwich ($16)

Such tasty food at this hidden away cafe and the service was super friendly. Good food, good service – you’ve shut me up as there is nothing more to say. Get on it guys!

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5 – friendly service from the waiters :)
Atmosphere: 3/5


Mister Sunshine’s

32 George Street
Thebarton SA 5031

08 8443 5125

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