HAPPY 3RD BLOGIVERSARY | I Only Eat Desserts – Adelaide Food Blog

HAPPY 3RD BLOGIVERSARY | I Only Eat Desserts – Adelaide Food Blog

Woah, how did we get here? Has it really been 3 years that I’ve been at this? It doesn’t feel like it at all and I didn’t even realise it’s been 3 years until a snapping realisation while I was day dreaming.

So what has changed in this little span of a year? I changed hosting to an SA company, redesigned the whole site spending many hours trying to figure out this coding thing – but look it works! I made pretty buttons for my Travel Adventures page and shit myself being interviewed on TV by Callum Hann.

When I look back over the past year there’s so much to be grateful for – to visit my friends in Europe and to know friendships don’t change that much with time and distance, making running a regular habit so I’m not a fat couch potato and gaining a better appreciation of photography.

I’ve been practicing photography like crazy and I’m loving product photography. In this Instagram and filter age it seems all that is needed is to point and shoot to get a decent photo. But why would you want to take a photo that anyone can take?

I’ve been putting more thought into my photography where everything done is deliberate and there is a reason why things are styled and lit the way they are. Each photo takes about 2-3 hours of shooting before I get that one photo. I’m lucky if I can get 2 shots within that time.

I’ve also started taking photos of people which was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. This is my friend Pris below :)

I’m hoping my photography will improve more so I can get more interesting photos out. This was one of the reasons I started recipes posts as it gives me more control of the set up and lighting. To be honest I’ve been getting bored of shooting at restaurants as I feel I’ve just hit that stage where I’m just pointing and shooting. It would be nice to set up more but I am just a normal diner and don’t want to cause any trouble.

Thanks guys for joining me on this ride – here’s hoping to another delicious filled year :)

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