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Sit Lo was one of the places that I had heard of but it wasn’t really on my radar until I got a tip that the baos were really good. No more words were needed as this quickly became on my to eat list :)

sit lo

I was initially surprised at how small these were (smaller than Mamachau which I already thought was small) but on first bite I was hooked. Smaller in size, higher in price but you can’t beat the freshness of the baos where it had a super soft texture that held together the filling.

My favourite was the crispy panko crumbed fried chicken that was crispy and also had the largest piece of meat out of the 3. It came drizzled with a delicious chilli mayo that brought a bit of heat. The soft shell crab wasn’t bad and came with a bit of slaw and egg chive dill mayo. Crispy and crunchy but I couldn’t tell that it was crab except for a slight seafood taste to it. The slab of slow cooked pork belly was my least favourite as the pork didn’t really have much flavour to it. Although the cucumber gave some freshness to the dish and dollops of hoisin that brought an Asian flavour.

sit lo baos steamed buns

Baos (Steamed Buns) – 3 for $13

Slow cooked barossa valley pork belly, pickled cucumber, hoisin and scallions

soft shell crab, slaw and egg chive dill mayo

panko crumbed fried chiciken, pickled cucumber, chilli mayo, coriander and scallions

banh mi

Banh Mi

I would come back for the baos but would just get 3 of the panko fried chickens next time – nothing can beat the freshness of the baos as the taste and texture are out of this world. I also love the vibe of this place with their hipster atmosphere – giving something a modern rustic twist is hitting my soft spots these days.

Food: 3.5/5 – them baos :D
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

Sit Lo

30 Bank Street

Adelaide 5000

0439 004 161

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