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You all must have heard of the little burger joint called 127 days down on 127 Days Road – it’s that little suburban gem that you always dream about finding. As you guys would already know I have a horrible track record on burger places and usually am not easily impressed. Well finally I have some good news for you – I rate 127 Days! This and McDonald’s Create Your Taste range I can get behind :D

127 days burger cheese banga

 Cheese Banga – Angus Beef, Cheese, Pickles, Onion, Sauce & Mayo ($13 for burger, chips and can)

127 days burger the Italian job

The Italian Job – Angus Beef, Rocket, Provolone, Chilli, Roasted Capsicum & Aioli ($13 for burger, chips and can)

Mushroom melt had a thick Angus beef patty but what was amazing about this burger was the truffle aioli mixed into the melted Jack cheese – it just created delicious explosions in everything it covered. Slices of button roasted mushrooms were more subtle and it wasn’t too in your face. For some reason I was thinking of it being a giant portabello mushroom like the one in Pearl’s Diner (closed). Oh and I can’t forget about those #tags that were crispy pieces of delicious potato.

127 days burger mushroom melt

The Mushroom Melt – Angus Beef, Roasted Mushrooms, Jack Cheese, Bacon, Caramelised Onion, Rocket & Truffle Aioli ($16 for burger, chips and can)

P got the Croydon Cheese Steak as she was looking for a small meal (oops – look at the size of that thing!). Slices of sirloin steak covered in bbq sauce and layered with cheese on a ciabatta roll.

127 days The Croydon Cheese Steak

The Croydon Cheese Steak  ($16 for burger, chips and can)

Well played 127 Days, very well played indeed. Will be back to try more burgers after that amazing Mushroom Melt (can’t get over that truffle aioli).

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

127 Days

127 Days Road
Croydon Park SA 5008

8346 8205

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