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I actually didn’t know I liked pickles until I discovered Sneaky Pickle  – they really converted me to a pickle lover. When I heard about Pickle In The Middle I was quite keen to try out a place that loves pickles!

pickle in the middle

Super gooey and stretchy cheese that covered slices of mustard zucchini pickles. I’m not a fan of mustard but I thought the sourness of the pickles would dominate the mustard. I was wrong – the pickles just tasted like mustard and there was no sign of pickle sourness (sorry being a bit biased here). Other than that the cheese was really good and sandwiched between two crunchy toasted ciabatta was love. The whole thing itself was quite oily and because we didn’t get any cutlery we were just eating with our hands. Also, didn’t really try any of the salad because I didn’t want to eat that with my hands.

cheese and toastie pickle in the middle

Cheese n Toastie ($12)

C’s chimichurri chicken sandwich was a focaccia that held baked chicken, fresh chimichurri, fetta, tomato and pickled red onion. The chimichurri was like a sprinkle of herbs rather than a sauce you find at Argentina steak places – it was a bit of a disappointment as this would have really tied all the components together.

Chimichurri chicken sandwich

Chimichurri chicken sandwich ($15)

The Viet iced coffee was sooooo sweet where there was way too much condensed milk making pretty hard to stomach.

vietnamese iced coffee

The cheese n toastie was quite lovely with the gooey cheese being a highlight but this would sit better with someone that likes mustard. These guys are still in the early stages of their business so it may take some time to iron out the kinks.

Food: 2/5
Service: 2.5/5
Atmosphere:  2.5/5 – packed full of people with the place quite loud

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