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For sooo many years C has kept talking about this donut at Ocean Street Bakehouse and how it’s THE BEST donut he’s ever had. I didn’t take him that seriously and didn’t really pay much attention to him – how can a donut be that good? Finally we found some time for a drive down to Victor to give this donut a go. Yes that was the whole point of our trip haha.

ocean street bakehouse victor harbour

Well C was right, this donut was amazing! Doughy center that has a bite like bread with a crispy outer center and iced with a chocolate glaze. Krispy Kreme you hold nothing against country bakeries.

chocolate donutchocolate donut

Scallop pie tasted like creamy curry with chunks of scallop. The pastry was so fresh and flakey but next time I’ll try the potato pie or their cheese and bacon pie (another of C’s recommendations).

scallop pie

A waddle to Granite Island to see some little penguins – they are only 30 cms! There’s a penguin sanctuary where they look after the injured penguins that can’t go back to the wild – they’re very cute and they knew when lunchtime was coming. Look at them wait patiently :3

little penguin granite island


little penguin granite island

Feeding time!

little penguin granite island

C’s favourite penguin was this one – it was just standing there for 15 mins, staring into nothing after eating. Too cute!

little penguin granite island

A random trip to Victor with a tasty country bakery lunch – will need to come back to eat more doughnuts and try more pies.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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