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Most times when I tell someone that C’s birthday is right after mine they go “aww that’s cute.” No, no it isn’t. It should be my day :) Also it does get a bit much when we have 2 birthday things right next to each other which we had done in the past. Luckily for me C doesn’t really care about much so we got to celebrate our birthday’s on my birthday. This year for my our birthdays we went to Rigoni’s Bistro to eat our little hearts out.

rigoni's bistro adelaide

Starting with the bruschetta that was topped with cherry tomatoes, shallot, olive oil and basil. It sounded like a delicious entree but was a bit of a let down. It tasted only of tomatoes and I was imaging the bread to be extra crispy with more interesting flavours.

Bruschetta di pomodoro e basilico

Bruschetta di pomodoro e basilico ($5.90)

After ordering the gnocchi on our last visit we decided to get it again. Walnut gnocchi (explains the colour now) that was littered with shreads of confit duck, cavolo nero and pecorino. Slabs of figs gave a pleasant sweetness to the dish that worked really well with all the flavours. This was my favourite dish of the night because the gnocchi is so soft and pillowy that it melted in your mouth.

Gnocchi di noci

Gnocchi di noci ($26.90 main)

I’ve wanted to try squid ink pasta for so long and finally it is in my belly. It was just a tad more salty than normal pasta but there wasn’t much difference. I think my taste buds are dead to saffron as no matter how many times I’ve tried it in the past I really can’t taste anything. So with the saffron strands of linguine it tasted like normal pasta to me but it was perfectly cooked to al dente. Loved the chewy octopus and the faint hint of lemon juice at the end of each bite.

saffron & squid ink linguine

Saffron and Squid Ink Linguine ($29.90)

The tiramisu was so beautiful with the almond lace biscuit sitting on a slab of tiramisu and a scoop of chocolate gelato. Creamy, silk like chocolate gelato gave a sweetness that balanced out the boozy tiramisu. The almond lace biscuit was the highlight for me and I couldn’t get enough of it’s roasted almonds where it took the dish to another level.


Tiramisu ($13.90)

One of the things I forgot was how amazing the service was where all the waiters were really friendly and welcoming. It’s one of those places I’ll come back to not only because of the tasty food but the awesome service.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5

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