48 Flavours, Adelaide

Don’t you just love the ramp up and face lift that Adelaide is getting these days? So many new stores like the strip in Chinatown that has Pepper lunch, Ryo’s Noodles, 48 Flavours and Krispy Kreme popping up. It’s really good to see so much change in Adelaide because we are ready for it!

48 flavours icecream adelaide

Decided to put my Asian hat on and got a scoop of matcha and black sesame for $5.50. The matcha was bitter yet slightly sweet but the texture had this graininess to the creamy texture. I’m assuming this is the matcha powder so it’s a good thing that they are using real ingredients but I like my icecream with a smooth consistency. It wasn’t bad and it’s one for the people that like their matcha icecream more savory. The black sesame was creamy and sweet with a lovely black sesame flavour – I liked it :)

matcha and black sesame icecream

One of the things that they do a really good job is their iced coffee which is creamy and sweet from the giant scoop of coffee icecream they give. I’m pretty sure we’ve been back here at least 3 times just to get their iced coffee :D

iced coffee

Iced Coffee ($5.50)

With Movenpick opening up recently all the icecream love I possess have gone to them. Though I have been back to get more iced coffee from 48 flavours – the perfect sweetness for me :)

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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