Pierre Herme, Paris

I have been dying to try Pierre Herme’s cakes and pastries (I’ve only tried his macarons in Osaka). I was soooo close to sinking my teeth into his infinite jasmine tart with it stored safely in the hotel fridge in Tokyo. Then bam food poisoning from that devil curry I ate left me throwing up into the wee hours of the morning – I even threw up the cakes I ate from Hidemi Sugino. Sorry for giving too much information but I just wanted you to know that I’ve been waiting ever so patiently to eat Pierre Herme’s cakes. And now I have! I went 3 times – screw those other patisserie stores, I’ll go another time ;)

Pierre Herme

The Ispahan was invented by Pierre Herme during his time at Laduree but I’ve only been able to try Laduree’s Ispahan and also their Ispahan softserve. If I had to choose a favourite cake, this would be it and now I’ve finally been able to try Pierre Herme’s version. Yay! Biting into the crisp rose macarons, the delicate rose petal cream, juicy lychee and ruby raspberries gave an acidity that creates a delicate explosion of flavours for a perfect balance. I actually prefer Laduree’s Ispahan because the rose petal cream has a more intense flavour.

Pierre Herme Ispahan


During our visit to Pierre Herme it was his Ispahan fetish time which has 21 different interpretations of the rose, raspberries and lychee flavour combination. H chose the Cheesecake Ispahan which contains a layer of raspberry syrup soaked cake, rose and raspberry cheesecake, a thin layer of raspberry and lychee compote and a rose cream cheese.

Pierre Herme Cheesecake Ispahan

Cheesecake Ispahan

The Ispahan Croissant is one of the pastries I have been dying to try. Crispy croissant with a buttery, moist inside filled with a rose and almond paste and raspberry and lychee compote; topped with a rosewater glaze and sprinkled with dried raspberry pieces is an Ispahan’s daydream. It tasted good but there was a weird artificial taste to it that I can’t put where it came from.

Pierre Herme Ispahan Croissant

Ispahan Croissant

One of my favourite flavours is vanilla – there’s just something about it’s simplicity that you can’t really hide from. Pierre Herme has made a ‘house vanilla’ blend from combining Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar vanilla – is this the ultimate vanilla? The Tarte Infiniment Vanille is made up of a vanilla white chocolate ganache, vanilla moistened biscuit and vanilla mascarpone cream in a shortbread pastry. Eaten together it was a smooth, silky texture with an amazing vanilla flavour and crumbly shortbread pastry.

pierre herme Tarte Infiniment Vanille

Tarte Infiniment Vanille

Note that not all Pierre Herme stores contain pastries (from memory there are only 2) and the store I visited was at 72 Rue Bonaparte in Paris. I wish I could have stuffed more desserts in but that’s another adventure for another time.

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: N/A – only takeaway

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