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When A made a booking she told me that it was a min spend of $2000 per table to book inside. We booked outside. From that I got the impression that Sean’s Kitchen was going to be super posh and fancy – to be honest give me dingy, hole in the wall place any day. But it was a lot more casual than I predicted – more in the same league as Press or Peel St *phew*

seans kitchen onion bagel schmear

Onion Bagel Schmear ($15)

Starting off with the entrees I got a velvet smooth duck liver parfait that was quite light compared to pate. There was a funky taste that I couldn’t put my finger on which I didn’t enjoy too much. Slather this onto a big thick piece of brioche was tasty when the brioche was still crunchy and warm. Served with a side of pickles to give some sourness and a break from the rich parfait. This is definitely a two man job as an entree as I did struggle to eat through the richness.

sean's kitchen duck parfait and brioche

Duck Liver Parfait and Brioche ($14)

seans kitchen

Pokemon Master S and his crew got the crab ‘n’ cheese melt – I stole a bit and this was my favourite from the night. Generous chunks of king crab meat was mixed into the béchamel and melted cheddar that was full of flavour and wasn’t too heavy. This is a dish you definitely have to share as an entree as this was just huge!

seans kitchen Crab ‘n’ Cheese Melt

Crab ‘n’ Cheese Melt ($20)

seans kitchen Sardines & Soldiers

Sardines & Soldiers ($16)

C and I shared the Berkshire pork hock (600g) where the meat was tender and juicy – that was a good piece of meat! Sadly the skin wasn’t crispy where some crunch would have been much welcomed. Pouring the tasty sauce on and pairing it with bursts of sweetness from the bush apples made this dish quite flavourful. I would recommend to order a side of salad as this got too meaty after a bit.

seans kitchen pork hock

Berkshire Pork Hock 600g ($45)

seans kitchen Steamed Cone Bay Barramundi

Steamed Cone Bay Barramundi ($34)

The mac and cheese delivers what it says: macaroni and cheese. Nothing too amazeballs and not too much of a reinvention, just a nice mac and cheese.

seans kitchen Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese ($10)

seans kitchen King Crab Legs

King Crab Legs ($28)

seans kitchen Prawn Linguine

Prawn Linguine ($34)

You could taste a bit of difference in the duck fat chips where it had a crispy outside and a soft potato inside. After a while it just tasted like normal chips and was nothing too special.

seans kitchen duck fat chips

Duck Fat Chips ($10)

seans kitchen Dry-aged Burger

Dry-aged Burger ($20)

It was a nice meal but I think I chose the wrong things on the menu so I didn’t love the place as much as I wanted to. Really enjoyed the crab ‘n’ cheese melt so that’s something I would definitely order if I visited again.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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