Pierre Herme vs. Laduree Macarons, Paris

Paris macarons are amazing – soft like a marshmallow with no crack into the bite and no transition into the filling. These were delicate things with the tops breaking at the lightest touch. WHAT HAVE I BEEN EATING ALL THESE YEARS? Even the Pierre Herme and Laduree from Japan are incomparable to the ones in Paris. Laduree macarons are made in Switzerland and then blast frozen and sent over to Japan to be sold. Same with Pierre Herme’s macarons which are frozen from Paris. And you can taste the difference – shells are harder and sometimes the flavours are a bit off in Japan.

Pierre Herme Macarons

Pierre Herme Macarons – I’ve gone to heaven 

I visited Pierre Herme 3 times in Paris – eating angel like cakes and stuffing my face with macarons like there’s no tomorrow. Blink and they are gone ;) One of my favourite flavours was the Inifinte Jasmine which was a shimmering macaron shell filled with a jasmine flower and jasmine tea filling. I LOVED this flavour – a savoury jasmine tea flavour that went weirdly well with the sweetness of a macaron. The texture was one of kind where it not only felt like a marshmallow but looked like one too. Must be the titanium oxide added to the shells that creates this texture (yes I also have his cookbook :3). Ahh and who can forget Infinite Caramel – salted butter caramel buttercream filling that was creamy yet sweet and salty. You guys know I love a good salted caramel ;)

The Ispahan only had a subtle rose flavour where I would have preferred just the Inifinte Rose macaron in the end. I felt it was missing that acidity from lychee and raspberry that cuts through the sweetness like in the Ispahan cake. Yes I love weird sounding flavours which Pierre Herme is famous for so when I saw Vanilla and Olive Oil I needed to know what it tasted like. The texture was quite creamy and tasted mostly of vanilla but there was a hint of something funny (probably the olive oil). Wasn’t revolting and tasted alright but I wouldn’t get it again :P

pierre herme macarons

Jasmin, Infinite Caramel, Vanilla and Olive Oil and Ispahan Macarons (clockwise)

Would recommend getting a box for your macarons or eating them ASAP as the ones above were in my backpack during Paris summer. Result: melted and squashed to my horror. So the next visit I went I brought a cute cartoon box filled with Paris monuments – my macarons weren’t dead yay!

The Creme Brulee had light sweet caramel tones in a vanilla filling that was quite tasty. The Infinite Cassis had a fresh blackcurrant flavour with a refreshing tanginess that cut through the sweetness of the macarons. Another weirdo I tried was the Jardin du Sultan which had a coffee, orange blossom and candied orange filling. I could mainly taste the coffee with a slight hint of orange that kinda worked. Metisse was another interesting flavour made with an orange, carrot and cinnamon filling. This mainly tasted like candied orange and not much of the carrot or cinnamon. Another one I tried (not pictured) was the Veloute Citron which is a yogurt and lime flavor. A zesty powerful lime punch – fruits and sweets make the best combo :D

Pierre Herme Macarons

Jasmin, Creme Brulee, Infinite Cassis, Jardin du Sultan, Ispahan, Infinite Caramel, Metisse Macarons

The Laduree macarons in Paris are soooo good compared to the ones I tried in Japan. So soft and delicate with delicious fresh flavours. My friend actually bought these as I saw no hope in Laduree, not even bothering to take a photo with my DSLR (sorry for the instagram photo) but guys if you’re ever in Paris, give these babies a spin.

  • Chocolate – they were alright but boring, the chocolate didn’t taste that good
  • Salted caramel – AMAZING! That chewy of salted caramel (kinda like butterscotch texture) sandwiched between two delicate shells – I actually prefer this to the Pierre Herme one.
  • Praline – nutty praline that I had initially thought it was chestnut.
  • Mint – this tasted like the herb mint which I’ve never been a fan of in sweets
  • Rose – Big call but I do prefer the rose at Laduree also. It has a much more vibrant punch for me compared to the Pierre Herme ones

laduree macarons

In the end when comparing, some flavours are done better than others like Laduree’s salted caramel and rose macarons. My favourite Pierre Herme flavour was Infinite Jasmin and if you wanted to try crazy flavour combos this is your guy. Although some are hits and misses, it’s still a bit of fun :)

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