Candela Latin American, Goodwood

I’ve been meaning to try Candela Latin American but everytime C and I plan to go we realise they aren’t opened Saturday lunch. Finally on a Friday night we made it to this cute little Latin American joint down Goodwood – I really love finding these hole in the wall gems.

Candela Latin American adelaide

Refreshing Latin American soda that tasted like Kirk’s snowdrop but a whole heap better!

inca kola

These piping hot giant cylinders of chips were soft and pillowy on the inside but still had a crispy crunchy outside. Dusted with flavour filled seasoning and dipped into the sauce of the day made for a very very good first impression.

Papitas Frittas - potato chips with sauce of the day

Papitas Frittas

Crunchy corn pocket that was still soft in the inside yet was a bit crispy on the outside and stuffed with shredded beef that broke away so easily. I’m guessing the beef was cooked in some type of stock to make it so full of flavour. Slathered with sofrito which is a sauce made up of capsicum, onion, garlic and spices was the perfect hit for this. Quite a dense dish but oh so good.

Pelua Arepas - slow cooked shredded beef with cheese and sofrito (capsicum, onion, garlic and spices

Pelua Arepas ($8.50)

The pelua arepas was made up of pulled pork with a gravy of capers, red wine, cumin, opregano and orange juice. After eating my pelua arepas the pernil arepas seemed a bit more toned down in flavours but still good.

Pernil Arepas - pulled pork with a gravy of capers, red wine, cumin, opregano and orange juice

Pernil Arepas ($8.50)

We came here when they were offering some complimentary desserts during Valentine’s day period so we got to try the quesillo which is a South American creme caramel. It had a bit more form than I expected but the caramel sauce was not too sweet.

creme caramel

Complimentary Creme Caramel

We also tried the rice pudding which is something that I’m not used. It tasted alright and just like rice after a while but I prefer my rice savory.

rice pudding

Complimentary Rice Pudding

A rare find and I will need to come back to get more of those chips and arepas.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5


Candela Latin American


Address: 120 Goodwood Rd Goodwood SA 5034 Phone: 8271 1132
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