Quetzal Chocoladebar, Belgium

This is how you do a chocolate cafe where everything on the menu is delicious and affordable. During my stay in Leuven we ate here three times – it helps that Leuven is a city full of uni students.

Rainy and cold during the middle of summer (urgh why Belgium?) made it the perfect weather to drink hot chocolate. The normal hot chocolate was made with melted Belgium chocolate poured into a cup and topped with thick milk which was so moresome. I also tried the Praline hot chocolate made with chocolate milk and hazelnut – def one for the hazelnut lovers out there. All these hot chocolates come with a small square of brownie :)

quetzel hot chocolate

Fondue for one please! A little tub of milk/dark/white Belgium chocolate with a bowl filled with fresh fruit and nougat. The Belgium chocolate is oh so smooth and creamy; dipping in the strawberries and kiwis brings a slight tartness which helps make it not too sweet.

quetzel chocolate fondue and fruit

The brownie is for one that can go beast mode with sweets as this was super fudgey with a slight crispy crackling top. It doesn’t stop there as it comes with a side of melted milk chocolate that you can dunk the whole thing into. Belgium chocolate why must you be so good.

quetzal brownie

I kept seeing people with these little fondant things and on our next visit I made sure to order it. Breaking the crispy top and into a gooey, dense center where it made you feel that all was good in the world when you had chocolate.

quetzal fondant

I love you Belgium chocolate – why can’t you be in my life everyday? XD

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

Quetzal Leuven
Alfons Smetsplein 3,
3000 Leuven


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