Postcards from Belgium

When people ask me where my favourite places were in Europe I will always reply with Switzerland and Belgium. Hmm I think I see a pattern with these places having amazing chocolate.



We stayed at our friends place in Leuven where Leuven is a university city. Their campus is scattered around and the place is filled with uni students. That means one thing: cheap, delicious food! Their campus is really beautiful – the photo below is their library ._.


Check out their epic town hall:



The first stop my Belgium friends took H and I to was Gent :)


We took a boat ride around the river and according to my Belgium friends that it was a lot cleaner than in Bruges. It was a really lovely ride as you see the lovely facades of the houses -it’s like nothing I’ve seen before.


We also passed this castle on the ride!

Gravensteen gent


According to H, Antwerp has one of the world’s most beautiful station – not gonna pick an argument with her there. Just look at the entrance that welcomes you!

antwerpantwerp station

On this trip to Antwerp I found out the weirdest things about Belgiums – they can’t have two hot meals in a day. They really struggle. We had pasta for lunch but then for dinner they needed a sandwich or something cold for their tummy. Weird.




Another trip down to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, found us at the Grand Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

brussels belgium

Town Hall


Guild Halls

Manneken Pis

Obligatory Photo of Manneken Pis

Mont des Arts Brussels

Mont des Arts

We were lucky enough to be at the Royal Palace during their opening for visitors. It was filled with beautiful rooms and was a lot like a museum where it detailed the history of Belgium.

Royal Palace BrusselsRoyal Palace Brussels

Galeries Royals Saint-Herbert is a huge shopping arcade filled with so many Belgium chocolate boutiques that I had never heard of before (fail blogger). The first place we popped into was La Belgique Gourmande and they let you choose, pop everything into a bag yourself and pay by weight. Dangerous. Very dangerous. I was $30 poorer walking out and couldn’t bring myself to go into the other chocolate stores.

la belgique gourmande chocolatela belgique gourmande chocolate

la belgique gourmande chocolate

We did come across Godiva’s beautiful store front but were struck by how expensive strawberries were – €6.50 ($10 AUD) for 3 strawberries WTF. The cone is not filled with strawberries but rather they are just placed on top.


Leonidas is one my Belgium friends recommended that’s decently priced for some good quality chocolate. I’ve tried a few of them and they were delicious.


While we are on the topic of chocolate, here’s some cool chocolate themed photos:

pillowschocolate pills

Chocolate Pills- Belgium has got you covered

In alot of the high end chocolate places they mould their chocolate into shapes like below:
belgium chocolate


Bruges was like Venice with so many canals running through the place.


Oh and how did I forget to mention Belgium waffles? They are so cheap for around €2-5 depending on the types of toppings you get. There are two types you can get – liege or brussels. I really love the liege type as it is crispy on the outside with a dense, sweet dough. Sugar pearls give such a nice crunch mmm. I didn’t really go hunting for waffles on this trip and just brought whatever was around – seriously you can’t go wrong with a plain €2 waffle.

belgium wafflesbelgium waffles

Belgium you are beautiful :)

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