Movenpick Boutique Launch, Adelaide

Disclaimer: I was invited to the Movenpick Boutique Launch by Movenpick and Thrive PR with food and drinks provided for free. 

Last year I visited Movenpick in Zurich where I ate one of the fluffiest icecreams ever. You can see why I was excited when Movenpick is opening up in Adelaide and I was fortunate enough to be invited to their boutique launch.

Movenpick Dessert Degustation AdelaideMovenpick Dessert Degustation Adelaide

Starting off with a dessert degustation platter that had small bowls of icecream, icecream macaron and shots of drinks. Oh where do I even begin? The macadamia icecream had the fluffiest vanilla speckled icecream with crunchy macadamia folded through, while the mango sorbet was a punch of tangy refreshness. A scoop of chocolate icecream but it’s nothing ordinary as you could taste the amazing quality of Swiss chocolate – definitely the best chocolate icecream I have ever tasted. The caramel milkshake tasted like milk while the raspberry sparkling sorbet was the raspberry sorbet in slushie form. To be honest I probably prefer these guys as a scoop of icecream.

mango icecream, macadamia and vanilla icecream, chocolate icecream, macaron icecream, raspberry drink, vanilla drink

Usually in a macaron the flavour comes from the filling but this caramel macaron had a giant scoop of caramel icecream which resulted in quite tamed flavours. Sandwiched between hard and biscuit-like macaron shells made me even more puzzled – not sure if it’s intentionally done this way?

caramel macaron

Caramel macaron with an icecream filling

Warm waffles with a tart berry sauce and sweet white chocolate shavings. These waffles had a pancake-like texture but you could taste the freshness of the ingredients. I loves my waffles crunchy so this may sit better with the ones that aren’t too fussed about soft waffles. Served with a side of strawberry icecream and raspberry sorbet where the strawberry icecream was so creamy and what a good strawberry candy should taste like!

movenpick warm waffles with strawberry and raspberry sorbet with a berry sauce white chocolate shavings

Berry Waffle

A scoop of super fluffy creme brulee icecream that was made up of Swiss cream icecream and caramel swirls throughout. Caramelita (caramel flavour) is another one for the caramel icecream lovers with it’s denser texture and bites of crunchy, sweet caramel pieces.

movenpick icecream

Creme Brulee and Caramelita Icecream

Managed to also fit in the espresso croquant icecream which was one of my favourites – a very bittersweet coffee punch that had bits of caramelised hazelnuts. LOVE. A scoop of lemon and lime sorbet was super refreshing with a citrus, sour cleanse after all this icecream.

movenpick icecream

I think at this point it became a tag team effort on the table to try and sample bits and pieces of the menu. C gave his affogato two thumbs up :D

movenpick affogato

Coffee Affogato movenpick affogato

The chocolate and nut Swiss roll was prepared on the spot in the kitchen. A slice of soft, fresh sponge was layered with a thin layer of cream, nuts and chocolate before rolling it up into a Swiss roll. It wasn’t too rich as the guys didn’t go too crazy with the cream and everything :)

movenpick chocolate and nut swiss roll

Chocolate and Nut Swiss Roll

The nut waffle looked gorgeous and was topped with caramel sauce and caramelised nuts; served with a scoop of hazelnut and macadamia icecream.

waffle with hazelnut and macadamia icecream, drizzled with caramel sauce and caramelised nuts

Nut Waffle

I tried some of the Zeppole, an Italian Donut, but it had quite a doughy texture where I was expecting some crunch or crispness.



Movenpick icecream are all made in Switzerland so it’s good to know we are getting the same quality as half way across the world. I’ve actually been back twice after this event as a customer because I became so in love with the icecream – the icecream still tastes as good as the launch night. I’m glad that we have a little slice of European icecream back home because once you taste Italian gelato life gets a bit rough – nothing tastes that good again.

 Disclaimer: I was invited to the Movenpick Boutique Launch by Movenpick and Thrive PR with food and drinks provided for free. 

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