Pepper Lunch, Adelaide

What is up with all these franchises popping up in Adelaide? I’m not really complaining as I love Pepper Lunch – I’ve missed this since my last time eating it in Japan :) Adelaide is ready for this!

pepper lunch

A lovely heap of spicy black peppered rice, topped with corn and spring onion and decorated with a ring of beef. Drizzling the sweet sauce, mixing and cooking all the food together gave you something that looks like fried rice but it is oh so tasty. Crunchy corn with a spicy black peppered rice that was of peppery flavour and a bite into the beef made each mouthful super delicious.

pepper lunch adelaide beef pepper

Beef Pepper ($9.30)

[Update 22/2/15] Ventured over here again after C’s friend saw my post haha. This time I got to try the kimchi and cheese pepper lunch with melted gooey cheese in some fermented kimchi. It didn’t taste as weird as it sounds :P

kimchi andcheese pepper lunch

Kimchi and Cheese Pepper Lunch ($12)

You can also get pasta on the stone plates, eel or a slab of meat to cook yourself – must try more of their options :)

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5


Pepper Lunch


82 Gouger St

Adelaide SA 5000


(08) 8211 8838

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