Gelato Guide to Italy

This post is to demystify the recommended gelato places because you don’t need to try that hard to find good gelato. H being half Italian did look at me weirdly when I was telling her about my research. In Italy, most gelato places are quite good and even the ones raved about are still comparable to the small stall on a hidden side street. So guys, throw your money at any gelato place that tickles your fancy – roll the dice and find a hidden gem where worst comes to worst you’ll just come across an average gelato.


Amorino (Milan)

There is nothing in Adelaide that I’ve found to be like the texture of gelato – it’s creamy, smooth and thick with a bit of chew yet still some lightness to it. My first taste of gelato was at Amorino on a day trip from Switzerland to Milan – don’t you hate how stupidly close European countries are?

Amorino gelato

Amorino is a global franchise that originates from France but their gelato is delicious with spot on flavours and a lovely smooth texture – punchy hazelnut, perfect vanilla, refreshing mango and strawberry. One of the prettiest things is to see your gelato shaped into a flower in your cone. Sah pretty.

Gelatino Valentino (Rome) 

Gelatino Valentino is another raved about place in Rome but it is packed with tourists and littered with Tripadvisor signs :/ It’s a good gelato place but wouldn’t make the effort to go out of my way to find it. So let’s get down to the food – Love Me gelato is a Ferrero Rocher flavour that was tasty with crunchy wafer bits :D A scoop of bitter coffee gelato was too savoury but it became okay once I got used to it. The dark chocolate tasted like very thick, whipped chocolate and was difficult to swallow down.

Gelatino Valentino

Festival Del Gelato (Florence) 

Neon bright gelato store located near the Dome would have had me walking away yet I had read raved reviews about it the night before and was curious. Compared to other gelato places it was quite pricey at €3 for 3 average sized scoops.

festival del gelato

The 3 flavours I got were nutella, rose and cappuccino. A sign inside says that Nutella has certified them on their nutella icecream so I had to give it a try (thanks for the translation H). Lovely creamy texture with that nutella deliciousness but they gave it their own twist in terms of texture – it doesn’t taste like nutella out of a jar in a good way. Rose was my favourite with it’s perfumed sweetness to be oh so delicious. Cappuccino had a weak coffee taste and a weird artificial milky sweetness that wasn’t to my liking.

festival del gelato

Antica Gelateria Fiorentina (Florence)

A random stumble near our hotel in Florence found us in Antica Gelateria Fiorentina. Delicious flavours, cheap prices and generous giant scoops – these guys are awesome. During out 4 days in Florence we came back every single day to get a cup, slowly working our way to the biggest cup.

Antica Gelateria Fiorentina (

My favourite flavours was the smooth, creamy and punchy hazelnut, bittersweet matcha that reminded me of Japan, refreshing sour lemon sorbet and biscottino. Biscottino is an Italian cookies and cream gelato with the biscuits still crunchy and not soggy; giving it another texture to the gelato.

Antica Gelateria Fiorentina (

Grom (Venice)

Ok so you must have heard of Grom – this posh looking gelato store that is famous everywhere. I ate here in Venice and it was by far cheaper than in Rome. A small was €1.50 vs. 2.50€ and a medium was €2.50€ vs. €3.50 – Rome you are expensive!

grom gelato

I got the hazelnut and mango – the hazelnut gelato was gummy and tame in hazelnut flavour. I had an allergic reaction from this and ended up throwing up so pretty scarred from Grom – my guess is some contamination with pistachios during production. The mango sorbet was quite refreshing for hot summer days but all I can remember is throwing it up. In my opinion it’s pretty average and you’ll be able to find a better gelato elsewhere.

grom gelato

The texture of gelato is like Cocolat but I found that the flavours in Italy were spot on – you can taste the richness of each flavour. For people with allergies be careful. Check if they have a separate scoop for each flavour as some stalls use the same scoop for every single flavour which could cause contamination.


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