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Disclaimer: I was invited to try the summer dessert range by Koko Black and Be Known Agency with food and drinks provided for free. 

I have a weird obsession with nutella and peanut butter but chocolate is the one thing I am addicted to. All chocolate lovers could understand how an invite to try out Koko Black’s Summer dessert range made me so excited :D

koko black adelaide salon

Starting with the salted caramel iced chocolate where the side of the glass is lined with salted caramel; filled with iced chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream. On first sip I got a lovely salted caramel flavour but after a while was like milk – not sure if it’s because I ate more of the range which made it harder to taste or if it’s because the vanilla ice cream melted which diluted it more.

salted caramel iced chocolate

Salted Caramel Iced Chocolate ($8.50)

The chocolate hazelnut cluster was my favourite with layers of dark chocolate hazelnut brownie, milk chocolate caramel and gianduja cremeux that worked so well to make this mousse-like hazelnut cake. Studded with chocolate coated hazelnuts and a thin piece of chocolate gave the dish a more crunchy texture.

dark chocolate hazelnut brownie topped with a chewy milk chocolate caramel and a gianduja cremeux

Chocolate Hazelnut Cluster ($10.50)

Good thing the chocolate hazelnut cluster came out first because the mango and vanilla ice cream spectacular was super refreshing and a palate cleanser. Pouring the mango coulis brings a sweet tartness onto two giant scoops of floppy vanilla bean flecked ice cream on a bed of caramelised coconut crumble. I’m not a fan of coconut so I was really happy when it tasted like cheesecake base :D Garnished with a wafer thin crunchy chocolate croquant that had a slight burnt taste in a good way as it brought another flavour to the table.

vanilla bean ice cream, mango coulis and caramelised coconut crumble

Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular ($9.50)

Thank you Koko Black and Be Known Agency for inviting and taking such good care of me. Will come back to try more desserts after this visit as the dishes were so finger licking good :D

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