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It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been back to Eggless and on my last visit I was quite sure that it would have been the last. That was until 2015 when Pokemon Master S (I’m running out of letters for people) suggested Eggless for an after dinner catch up – he comes here every single month to try out the desserts. Dedication right? Even after so many years the place is still pumping where our bigger group of 6 had to wait an hour for a seat. Staff are still as lovely and friendly as before with the owner giving fist bumps to everyone haha.

eggless dessert cafe

lychee tea

So let’s get down to business. We are all here to know how the desserts were. The first to arrive was the gluten free chocolate peanut butter pie that had a biscuit bottom, peanut butter cream cheese filling; finished with a layer of chocolate ganache and peanut brittle. A is on a gluten free diet for a while and sorry but this version was weird for someone that eats her gluten. It had this artificial taste and as a lot of us put it that there was something missing in the peanut butter flavour. The normal chocolate peanut butter pie came and it was everything the gluten free version wasn’t – a rich creamy pie filling with the peanut butter giving that salty yet peanut punch.

chocolate peanut butter pie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie ($9.50)

The description of the summer berry and white chocolate cheese tart sounded really sweet but it was actually quite good and didn’t topple over to being too sweet. Crispy filo pastry casing with a white chocolate cream cheese that was like condensed milk and topped with refreshing berries to help cut through the sugar.

berry & white chocolate cheese tart

Summer Berry & White Chocolate Cheese Tart ($10)

OMG the Vienamese coffee and azuki bean panna cotta was really good where it had this delicious sweet coffee cream flavour and it went well with the sweet coffee syrup. I couldn’t get over how the coffee flecked panna cotta was so smooth and creamy like the texture of silky tofu – yes it was that soft! Dig deeper and you’ll find the red bean compote but you couldn’t really taste the red bean (good for the non-lovers like me) where instead it gave the dish a more grainy texture.

Vietnamese coffee & adzuki bean panna cotta

Vietnamese Coffee and Adzuki Bean Panna Cotta ($9.50)

W’s mango and coconut tiramisu was not bad but after all the other awesome desserts above it was a bit average for me. It had a fluffy vanilla sponge, layered with vanilla bean mascarpone cream and sprinkled with a cocoa dust, toasted coconut and fresh mango.

Mango & coconut tiramisu

Mango & Coconut Tiramisu ($10)

Prices are really cheap for dessert with everything around the $10 mark and I like how they haven’t changed – still in the same place with super friendly service and an ever rotating menu each month. Thanks Pokemon Master S for forcing us to go with the enthusiasm – January was a good month at Eggless!

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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