The Market Shed on Holland St

It’s always been my goal to wake up early on a Sunday morning to visit the markets but alas it’s been a struggle. The Smiling Foodie’s farewell to Melbourne forced me up and awake to the buzzing The Market Shed on Holland St –  calling all hipsters, vegans and heath conscious peeps out there. This is your home.

the market shed on holland stthe market shed on holland stthe market shed on holland stFirst stop at Bonafood Cafe but what tempted me was the avocado mousse. I’ve heard a lot of good things about avocado mousse but it was hard to understand how blending an avocado with cocoa powder could produce the same result as normal mousse. Curiosity got the better of me and I needed to find out what it tasted like!

bonafood the market shed on holland stbonafood the market shed on holland st

A crack into the slab of the chocolate top into the smooth avocado mousse that had a hit of chocolate and peanut butter flavour; layered with a peanut and coconut crumble. The texture of the mousse was smooth like the real thing but in terms of taste it was pretty savory. When you get to the crumble the coconut flavour is quite strong and sadly I’m just not a fan of coconut. A sneaky healthy treat but I love my desserts sweet :3

peanut buttercup avocado mousse

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ($8) and Sam’s Berry Nice Smoothie Bowl

Paella by Poh – cue Masterchef star struck fan moment! Tried to keep it together and just managed to ask if there was any fish, cashews and pistachios in it :c


I love the sight of colourful giant paella pans like at Fork On The Road and London so Poh + paella is a sight hard to ignore :) A heap of shortgrain rice tossed with some squid, chicken, capsicum and chorizo mmm.


Poh’s Paella ($15)

A great place to spend Sunday morning but this market is one for the vegetarians and vegans out there. Food is on the pricey side but I guess that’s the price to buy healthy, organic and local food these days.

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