Demel, Vienna

Demel is named as one of the top 25 bakeries to visit before you die on Buzzfeed as well as being recommended in a lot of tourist guides. Well to break the news it’s all hype. Walking into Demel is a buzz of confusion – where do we sit? Full table outside and inside – go to the back and end up upstairs on another floor, walking around blindly until we were told to wait by the entrance before being seated. They really need a sign or something.


A menu on the table but why no cake section? Luckily my eyes are always attracted to desserts so I spotted the small cake cabinet at the back of the hallway in a different room. Of course it is common sense to order your cakes at this cabinet and not at your table even though there is table service and you order everything else from the menu via your waiter.

I’m not sure if this is some Vienna cultural miscommunication but I found the service abrupt and bordering rude of the waiters. The cake cabinet had no signs to tell you what the cakes were and it was filled with at least 20 different types of cakes. When I asked the waiter to tell me what the cakes were she was annoyed to have to go through every single cake name.

So once you order your cakes at this cake cabinet, logic dictates that they give you a ticket to bring to your table which is whisked away by your waiter :/ Could see other tourists sit by confused as they tried to decipher this cake ordering system.


Downstairs they had signs for each different cake but why not upstairs? T_T

Apparently the Annatorte is one of Demel’s specialty but every bite I was assaulted with a strong alcoholic orange liqueur taste and an alright, Woolworths chocolate cake. That orange liqueur was so dominating that it overpowered every single other flavour that could have existed. A soft nougat coating was the only good part when eaten by itself.

Demel annatorte

Annatorte (4.70€)

One of Vienna’s most popular cakes is the sachertorte and man this was an anticlimax. A small slice of a pretty plain chocolate cake that was dry and boring. H said the ones she gets from the supermarket in Switzerland tastes so much better than this :3

Demel sachertorte

Sachertorte (4.10€)

For a place that has this high class pretense the service was very poor and the cakes meh. At least it wasn’t that expensive for a slice …

Food: 1/5
Service: 1/5
Atmosphere: 2/5

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