Sah Modern Mediterranean, North Adelaide

Many failed attempts at eating tapas in Adelaide which makes me a sad panda because it is a cuisine I want to love. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sah from a few friends so it’s time to hop onto it.

Sah Modern Mediterranean

Too lazy to choose we opted for the tasting platter at $20 per person (minimum of 4 peeps). Starting with some delicious crispy polenta chips that broke into a warm, fluffy inside that paired well with garlic aioli. Moving onto our next tapas with deep fried slices of eggplant with a mushy inside that was alright.

polenta chips with garlic aioli

Polenta Chips with Garlic Aioli

Crispy eggplant with basil and mint verde salsa

Crispy eggplant with basil and mint verde salsa

The juicy chicken had a nice lemon and cumin salt rubbing but sadly the deep fried squid had a soggy batter that was not crispy at all. Our next tapas were cubes of feta cheese which was difficult to eat by itself as it really needed some bread or salad to lighten it up. Meatballs were alright but were quite unmemorable.


From L to R: Crispy chicken with a lemon and cumin salt
Veal and pork meatballs in a saffron and tomato sugo
Creamy feta marinated rosemary and garlic
Lightly fried squid pieces dusted with Spanish spices

Tender, juicy pork belly but was a shame that it didn’t have a crispy crackling. The last tapas we had were sliced pieces of chorizo that were too salty for me :(

Pork belly with a caramelised onion and walnut jam

Pork belly with a caramelised onion and walnut jam


San Jose chorizo sauteed with caramelised onion, sultanas and potatoes

For a place that displays proudly that they make the world’s 4th best paella, where is my crust on the bottom? At least the paella itself was flavoursome if you could get past the extreme salt content. I couldn’t but this may be due to my low salt tolerance from being used to Asian cuisines.


Paella Mixto- chorizo, chicken, prawn and mussels ($53 as a plate of two)

Pink sangria! Delicious and sweet – tasted soooo similar to moscato. This is my kind of sangria :D

Pink Sangria

Pink Sangria ($32 for 1L)

It was a good night with great company where everyone I went with liked Sah so this post is just me and my opinion. I also found Sah to not be the best place for a catch up as it’s in such a small space that gets loud and noisy very easily.

Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 2/5

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