Star of Greece, Port Willunga

Star of Greece located in Port Willunga is a beach shack right on the cliff that gives an amazing view of the beach. Decided to give this a spin for C and I’s 5 years – how does time pass us so fast? It doesn’t even feel that long :s

Star of GreeceportwillungaStar of Greece

Mulloway starter compliments from the chef – sadly I couldn’t eat it so C got 2 and he loved it :)


Juicy, plump scallops was incredibly tender and flavoursome; served with a drizzle of yolk puree, brown butter dollops and perfect potato domes. Everything paired well together to create such a tasty dish :D

Seared deep sea scallops, potato, yolk puree, rocket, brown butter

Seared deep sea scallops, potato, yolk puree, rocket, brown butter ($18)

Who said sweet and savoury can’t match? If done perfectly like Star of Greece each bite is delicious. A crunchy pinenut and buckwheat crumble mixed with a dollop of sweet fruit gel; sour blood orange slices that gave a bit of sweetness but went so well with the duck. The confit duck leg was super tender with strands just breaking away from the cut of the knife. Sadly the pan fried duck breast was done too medium for me with it hard to bite through and quite chewy.

Pan roast duck breast & confit leg

Pan roast duck breast & confit leg, buckwheat & pinenut crumbs, spiced blood orange, spring leaves ($34)

C’s whiting was huge – they probably gave him the whole fish!

Kangaroo Island King George Whiting, cos lettuce salad, buttermilk dressing, hand cut chips

Kangaroo Island King George Whiting, cos lettuce salad, buttermilk dressing, hand cut chips ($32)

A quick 10 minute drive to Wirra Wira to get my favourite moscato – Mrs Wigley’s with a new 2014 blend. Yay! It’s cool to see they refine and keep tweaking it rather than leaving it as it is. The moscato is smooth with a slight fruity touch – I’ve converted a few peeps to moscato lovers through Wirra Wirra ;)

Wirra WirraWirra Wirra Mrs Wigley's Moscato

Lovely lunch at Star of Greece where servings were generous and the staff super friendly. An easy day trip to explore more of South Australia :)

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5

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