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What’s that saying about flogging a dead horse? I think I’ve reached that point with Matcha House. I wanted it to be good but after 3 visits with each visit more downhill than the last, I’m done.

I ordered the matcha sundae crunch that was supposed to be “matcha ice-cream served on crunchy bed of cornflakes and topped with aromatic brown rice.” Emphasis on “bed of cornflakes” but it wasn’t a bed, my cup was filled nearly to the top with cornflakes and topped with a bit of softserve. Aren’t sundaes supposed to be 90% icecream and not 90% cornflakes? The matcha softserve was good but with so much cornflakes that was pretty much all you could taste (not in a good way). Sprinkled with crispy brown rice gave a nice crunch like cocopops and a slight rice bubble taste that was nice.

Matcha Sundae Crunch ($6.95)

W and A both got a matcha sundae galore which I had recommended on my first visit – they had the same issue as mine with just too much cornflakes. When I looked at the photo from my previous visit to now you can see that they put a lot less softserve in. One word comes to mind: stingy.

The photo below is W’s sundae but when A found a hair in hers it got quickly replaced but her sundae had an inch of softserve and the rest cornflakes. It was nice that they replaced it and didn’t charge her but you could feel no love here.

Matcha Sundae Galore ($7.95)

The panna cotta was described in the menu to be “a petite, silky soft, un-mounded Panna Cotta made from 100% stone ground traditional matcha.” Empahsis again on the “silky soft” because everything a panna cotta should be – soft, melt in your mouth – this was not. It was chewy and hard, wtf? A slight matcha flavour came through that was okay but the texture too wrong. This was P’s dish and she said that because there was so much pistachios sprinkled around it was all she could taste. The scoop of matcha icecream was very mild and tasted like condensed milk.

Matcha Panna Cotta ($8.50)

There’s a $8 min spend per person written at the bottom of the menu – we were only $1.15 short and the waitress said we had to order something else. Seriously, it’s only $1.15? W took the hit and ordered a matcha latte that tasted like milk. There was a subtle matcha taste that was barely distinguishable.

Matcha Latte

The concept for a dedicated matcha place in Adelaide is cool but theory is always so different to execution. At the end of the day I felt like a dollar sign ready to be cashed in – this feeling coupled with below average desserts doesn’t leave me returning.

Food: 1.5/5
Service: 2/5
Atmosphere: 2/5

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