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A random screams as C and I walk down Victoria Square. It isn’t a shock that this has happened and it’s not like it’s the first time. From the random “nihao” and “konnichiwa” to people shouting “it’s an Asian invasion.” How is this not my country too? That being born and living here all my life but because I am Asian by heritage, Australia is not my home too?

I feel so proud to be Australian – to be part of this multicultured country where people set up a new life and bring part of their culture with them. Where else can you experience so many cuisines, celebrate Chinese New Year and discover that there is an underground Korean community?

ryo's noodles ramen

One of the things I love is that there are so many cuisines to choose from. You know the choices you get in Japan? Either Japanese or Japanese Italian … it gets a bit much after 6 months. But for a depraved someone craving some good ramen, it’s nice to see new ramen places like Ryo’s Noodles pop up.

So how did it go? Err not well to be honest. Their ramen in salt flavoured soup was so diluted that the pork soup had barely any flavour. Pork was overdone and dry but at least the thin ramen noodles were a bit hard and alright tasting.

ryo's noodles ramen Ramen in salt flavoured soup with roast pork, shallots and sesame seeds

Ramen in salt flavoured soup with roast pork, shallots and sesame seeds

Spicy hot flavoured pork ramen was hard to keep down because each mouthful of soup was like drinking chilli oil. Slices of pork were again overcooked and dry. Eggs were a bit overdone for a ramen egg as it didn’t have that runny yet slightly cooked center that it should have.

ryo's ramen spicy hot flavoured pork soup

Ramen in spicy hot flavoured soup with roast pork, shallots and egg

Pretty average meal – I had to swap my spicy hot flavoured ramen with C because it was so sickening oily that I couldn’t eat it anymore. This might taste good for someone that hasn’t had ramen in Japan before but it does pale in comparison to the real thing.

Food: 1.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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