Sprüngli Luxemburgerli, Zurich

I only had my eyes on one thing and it wasn’t their chocolate but their luxemburgerli at Sprüngli – the Swiss version of macarons :)

Luxemburgerli are a cute as a button baby macaron that is about the size of a 20 cent coin. The shells themselves were like the ones that we get in Australia – a crack from the smooth top that crumbles away to the crispy meringue inside.

Sah cute! Look at them just standing proudly with their puffiness and smooth tops :) Biting into the champagne filled middle wasn’t alcoholic at all but you could still taste the champagne. The balance of flavours made these guys not as sweet as traditional macarons – from the slight sour raspberry filling to the punch of acidity from the lime macaron. The caramel macaron shells were sprinkled with salt but most of what came through was the hint of sweetness from the caramel filling.

Champagne, Lime, Raspberry and Caramel Macarons

It was sad to see them gone in one bite so fast and they were quite pricey at 12 francs ($14.50 AUD) for 100 grams. Mine was around $5 AUD for 4. There is a difference between these and Parisian macarons but I find the Parisian macarons to still have my macaron heart.

Food: 3/5
Service: N/A
Atmosphere: N/A

Sprüngli Luxemburgerli, Zurich

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