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One of the biggest obstacles I have when blogging is having a mental block and not being able to write. I decided to start keeping a backlog where I can publish already written posts and using that non-blogging time to recharge the batteries. I’ve been using my backlog for the past 2 months (I have some mad procrastination skills). So what else has been sitting on the grill? Bar 9 Central, the sister store of Bar 9 in Glen Osmond, has been here since April – let’s burn this backlog up! We are on the home stretch now :P

Crunchy toasted slices of bread with creamy goats cheese smeared on, topped with juicy mushrooms, grated parmesan cheese and fresh bites of watercress. A good lunch meal that made me feel a tad healthier (green always looks healthy haha). Note that the option to add a poached egg is only available for breakfast. Sad panda.

‘Shrooms on toast – roasted field mushroom, pesto, pine nuts, goats cheese and watercress ($16)

Amazeballs – pork, beef and fennelseed meatballs, house made nap sauce, aioli, rocket and Parmesan ($14)

Sweet S brought us a slice of raspberry cheesecake. Baked cake layer with a raspberry swirled cream cheese middle and an iced topped – I took a stab at what it was but all you need to know was that it wasn’t too sweet and a good palate cleanser.

‘Shrooms on toast was a lovely dish leaving me with a full tummy. Must need to mention the super nice watiter that replaced my dish and offered me a free coffee when it came out with pesto when I had ordered for it to be removed.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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