ULC (United Latino Cocina), Adelaide

ULC is one of those places you will never find unless someone takes you there or you are on an active search for it. All those times you’ve walked down Rundle mall, never bothering to peek down those random alleyways – yep, that’s where ULC is located (it’s tucked away on a random street called Francis St).

Sloppy Jose – ancho & guajillo seasoned beef and pork mince with cumin, salsa, chipotle and queso fundido with papas fritas ($15.90)

Usually the ULC dog comes in a Styrofoam box but out it come on a piece of paper in a basket. The paper was soaking up the ULC dog’s grease causing it to disintegrate and mix into the food. If you do get this maybe ask for yours to come on a plate if you don’t want to eat paper. Despite the hiccup the ULC dog is moresome :) Heads up you will need to be able to stand a bit of heat to eat this (it kept my belly warm for hours). Spicy chorizo sausage on a toasted buttered bread with refreshing, crunchy coleslaw. Man, that black bean mush brought the flavours to the table.

ULC dog – grilled chorizo sausage in a jalapeno bun with black bean mash, creamy jalapeno slaw, salsa, lettuce, crispy red onions and dry cheese ($12.90)

ULC makes for a tasty meal and their other food is quite good too (I just really like the ULC dog). Service was a bit eh this time when the waitress looked quite annoyed when I asked for a plate.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 2.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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