Naughty Spot

Naughty Spot

I hate good byes – I turn into a bubble of tears, hiccupping as I try to force the words out and not the snot from my nose. My flights went to Melbourne first when I left for Japan for 6 months. There we all were, my parents, my friends and me blubbering away with all the strangers around having the “wtf, it’s only a 1 hr flight from Adelaide” face. Pretty awkward man. Although not as sad, saying goodbye to Pearl’s Diner was hard to stomach. I know they have moved to their CBD location I feel that it is not the same. Luckily the waffles have remained as awesome, setting up shop on Hutt St called the Naughty Spot.

Plain Belgian Waffle with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Icecream ($10)

When I saw the Naughty Spot having speculoos paste as a topping option – I just needed them to slather that baby on. Speculoos is a Belgium spiced shortcrust biscuit where a lady had won with her genius speculoos paste invention on a tv show. Apparently you are suppose to eat it on a slice of bread but I live life on the edge. You know those people who judge others that eat nutella out of the jar with a giant spoon? Well, judge me all you want with my giant spoon and speculoos paste jar!

Plain Belgian Waffle with Speculoos Paste and Irish Cream & Almond Icecream ($10)

Speculoos paste has the texture of peanut butter but it tastes like cookies in paste form. Actually, it’s a tiny bit like Arnott’s butternut cookie. Lathering this onto the warm cookie-like waffle created this super awesome waffle cookie :D Paired with the creamy, bailey-flavour like icecream with soft crunches of almonds gave a refreshing palate cleanser before digging more into the waffle.

Lovely, tasty waffle but not sure about the take away cutlery and tubs. Cute, warm vibe in the store but we chose to sit outside on a perfect, sunny day – blankets on chairs to keep you warm if you need them :P

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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