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Fiefy’s is one of those small hidden gems that opens up during business hours for the work crowd. Lovely, friendly and fast service but what has me coming back time and time again are their mochas. As you guys know I don’t review coffees or any drinks but I’ll make an exception for Fiefy’s – I did come here a few times a week just to get their mochas :D

So what is this mocha I am raving on about? Creamy, smooth mocha created from good quality Belgian milk hot chocolate with a caffeine hit – if the caffeine doesn’t wake you up the sugar will ;) Besides mochas they also do some crazy hot chocolates – chilli hot chocolate anyone? Or fancy a Jaffa hot chocolate? Heck why don’t we just get a chilli mocha! Strong cinnamon punch and a throat burning heat at the end of the chilli mocha where the more you drink, the hotter it gets. Sadly there were too many flavours which confused me :( I will just stick to either a chilli hot chocolate or a mocha – can’t handle their awesome powers combined.

Big call but I reckon Fiefy’s makes one of the best mochas in Adelaide (one for the sweet tooths out there). Lovely service with the girls being able to know my order of a milk chocolate mocha off by heart now. Oh I forgot to mention but they do beautiful coffee art – it’s almost too pretty to drink :P

Drink: 4/5
Service: 4/5 – the girls are too lovely here
Atmosphere: 3/5

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