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Blogging isn’t easy. It comes with a lot of hard work and most of the time I am faced with silence. When I press that publish button it feels like I’m sending it all into a black hole. Is anyone reading? Was I building anything?

Little Cupcakes

Little Cupcakes

Because of this silence it forced me to ask the right questions. Man, why am I even doing this? The answer was actually pretty simple – I love the process of blogging. I once thought blogging was just putting up some pretty photos and writing. There’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes like setting up and optimising your website, coding, social media and marketing. All of this is on top of honing your skills in photography and writing. Despite all these bits and bobs it’s still a lot of fun.

Chin chin pad seuw

Chin Chin

Okay so now I knew why I was blogging but what did I want to do with my blog? What was my philosophy? More questions! Again the answer was staring me straight in the face. I wanted to give an honest review, to help you find a good feed and put a restaurant you’ve never heard of on your radar. So bored of reading publications and paid writers who make polished sweeping statements about the atmosphere and menu but never answering the most important question: did they even like it? This is why I love food blogging – written by everyday people who enjoy food and want to share their experience. It’s as simple as that :)

Kilpatrick Oysters

Del Giorno’s Café

It’s weird how life pans out. How each day seems so normal, so unremarkable that we don’t realise how far we’ve come until we take a look back. In 365 days I’ve gone self-hosted, got a super gorgeous header thanks to Julie’s Little World (she’s got some crazy talent) and became a finalist in the Eat Drink Blog photography competition. Also, I’m going to appear on tv in an interview about food blogging – exciting but scary stuff D:

bombe alaska

Press Food & Wine

I feel very humbled when friends approach me and tell me that they follow my blog or even the peeps that leave a comment or like my Facebook page :) Thank you guys for everything – for reading my blog, for every like and for every comment!

Here’s hoping to another delicious year for us!

BTS Cupcake Princess Buttercup


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