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Every time I go to Hahndorf I always have the intention of going to Chocolate @ No.5 but like clockwork I am defeated by my German lunch – it always ends with me waddling around the Main Road. Enough is enough I say! This time I plotted to go to Chocolate @ No.5 for brunch before a small sized lunch ;)

Mixed Berry Belgian Sugar Waffle

Milk Mocha / Mixed Berry Belgian Sugar Waffle ($14.90)

Warm crispy waffle with a cake-like, buttery inside – could it get any better? Raspberry, blackberries and blueberry coulis added sweetness and tanginess to the mixed berry waffle.  The chocolate version came with smooth, silky chocolate to dip your waffle into :D 2 scoops of creamy ice cream was a dangerous combo for brunch – a bit heavy and sweet for the early morning.

Chocolate Belgian Sugar Waffle

Chocolate Belgian Sugar Waffle ($11.90)

Waffles were so tasty but I would choose the chocolate type next time (that was some good quality chocolate). Ladies that served us at the front were so kind and friendly with the cottage atmosphere giving a warm, fuzzy feeling. Wouldn’t hesitate to come back!

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5

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