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The Fault In Our Stars is a story about two cancer kids who fall in love – I thought that reading the book and getting all those tears out would prepare me for the movie. It actually made it worse. All the happy parts of the movie left me in tears because of the inevitable :( It left me emotionally drained with my tear ducts completely destroyed from 2.5 hrs of crying. This is just a public service announcement: don’t watch this movie if you want something light hearted (poor C).

Salmon Seaweed Conveyor Roll

Salmon Seaweed Conveyor Roll

Speaking of public service announcements – you all need to know about Sushi Bar Genki. I must warn you that I’m not a sushi fan so I can’t vouch for the sushi but they do lovely ramen, udon and rice dishes for all those other non sushi fans out there. From the few sushi’s I tried it wasn’t bad like this deep fried crispy chicken with a sliver of smooth avocado sitting on a bed of rice :)

Deep Fried Chicken & Avocado Mayo

Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll ($4 each)

Deep fried takoyaki with a gooey floury inside and small bits of octopus - I’ve never been a fan of takoyaki even in Japan so this is probably a personal preference.  Tuna salad avocado was like shredded tuna from a can rolled with avocado sushi – I didn’t mind it because I like tuna :)


Takoyaki and Tuna Salad Avocado

Salmon Sushi

Salmon Sushi

A yakitori special flashed past us and with our lighting speed hands we grabbed a dish. Grilled chicken that was juicy and tender, topped with flavoursome bbq-like topping and dipped in Japanese mayo – YUM!


Rainbow California Semi Roll

Rainbow California Semi Roll ($5)

Soy based ramen soup that is tasty and light with chewy ramen noodles and melt in your mouth pork belly - such a lovely, refreshing ramen :D

Udon Noodles in Soup ($5.50) and Ramen ($10.80)

Aburi Sushi

Well how could I say no to the green tea mousse? Custard-like texture where upon first bite it reminded me of cheesecake with a hint of sweet green tea. Green tea should be bittersweet and smack bang in your face so for me this dessert didn’t hit the spot. After a few bites the cheesecake taste disappeared or maybe I just got used to it.

Green Tea Mousse ($5)

Sesame icecream with it’s creamy, sweet icecream flecked with bits of seasame :D At $3.50 for a small scoop it was a bit on the steep side.

sesame icecream

Sesame Icecream ($3.50)

Love that Sushi Bar Genki dishes up meals and I’m very happy we can get a decent ramen in Adelaide now. Must come back to try more of their sushi’s – afterall it is named Sushi Bar Genki :P

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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Berny ChanBerny Chan
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