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When I heard the two words ‘matcha desserts’ I jumped for joy – we really need good matcha desserts in Adelaide. Walking in you get a choice of taking off your shoes and sitting on cushions on the floor in the ‘traditional’ section. You don’t have to sit in seiza (proper Japanese sitting) as there is a hole to dangle your legs in – no cramp legs yay! The other option was to sit at tables and chairs but I recommend to go for the traditional option, much more interesting :P

Matcha House

Bamboo walls, tranquil anime-like music playing and sipping green tea – life doesn’t get more calming than this. We chose the Fukamashi Matcha Kukicha which was green tea blended from Uji matcha. Uji matcha is one of the best quality matcha in all of Japan and it was the place that converted me into a matcha lover (you can read my food reviews of my trip to Uji at Taiho-An for a matcha review and Nakamura Tokichi for matcha desserts). You could smell and taste the matcha in the tea but there was a sweet lingering tone instead of a bitter aftertaste. Something different for us matcha lovers but there is an extra icing on top – you can get refills to your pot of tea at no extra cost

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