Hammer & Tong, Fitzroy

When I was in Hong Kong at Hui Lau Shan everyone had whipped out their DSLRs to snap photos of their food. These are my people. I am home. Yet in Australia I’m pretty sure I’m one of the less subtle people – no phones or point and shoot cameras but rather my big, black box of a DSLR out. Funny no one has ever asked me why I’m taking photos and my guess is that they have accepted this may be an Asian norm :p

Hammer & Tong was packed with Asians – either international or an ABC, I felt my heart go out to these Asians with their phones snapping away.

Corn & zucchini fritters, avocado manchego, spinach, chilli tomato relish, poached egg ($17)

My eyes just zoomed onto the breakfast ramen on the menu and I needed to know what it was like. This was a very Western dish with bland flavours – for me, a ramen soup brings all the elements together. You would slurp it up with everything and it will all be enriched with full bodied flavours. However, this breakfast ramen soup was quite watery and tasted like chicken stock. Poured into soft ramen noodles, salty fatty bacon, onsen egg and a heap of shitake mushrooms – nothing bad about the other elements but nothing great either.

Breakfast Ramen – 62c hens egg, bacon, oyster mushroom, spring onion, bacon dashi ($15)

The other nibbles I stole from the other dishes I found quite average which was a shame. Massive lines curled to the end of the road so be prepared for the wait – I’m sure there’s plenty of other amazing brunch places around Melbourne.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
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Melbourne Series 2014

C and I went for an extreme food crawl through Melbourne for 4 days during the Adelaide Cup holiday. We thought we were smart going only on an Adelaide long weekend. We were not. It was Labour Day in Melbourne – luckily things were still open :) Here is a list of the places we ate at:

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