Hello, Yes

If Hello, Yes isn’t the epitome of hipster then I don’t know what is – located in an abandon warehouse with a door used as a table (door knob and all), metal straws in jars to serve iced coffee and a baby doll’s head as a flower pot. Totally hipster. It’s quirky and interesting and I like it :)

Hello, Yes

Ha, Mother Choriza – sold! Biting through the toasted breadtop bun with it’s crispy outing and fluffy, soft as a cloud bread to find meaty chunks of chorizo, creamy goats cheese, bitter rocket and sweet beetroot relish. A good combo but more of a light lunch meal (size is around Burger Theory burgers). Slices of sweet potato were chewy and rubbery but it went well with the burgers.

Hello, Yes Choriza Burger

Mother Choriza – Chorizo, seasonal greens, housemade beetroot and lime relish and goats cheese with a side of beetroot and sweet potato chips ($13)

On my second visit I choose the ‘shrooms - how can one ever say no to mushrooms? I think this may be because of my carnivore tastebuds but I found the onions, garlic, walnuts and spinach filling too vegetarian for my liking and topped with feta cheese made it a bit too rich. This dish might sit better with vegetarians who an appreciate veggies a bit more (unlike me).

hello yes mushrooms

‘shrooms – Portobello mushrooms stuffed with caramellised Spanish onion, garlic, walnuts & spinch topped with whipped feta cheese, served on a bed of greens and balsamic-glazed tomatoes ($15)

Hello, Yes The Thing 2.0 Burger

 The Thing 2.0 – Fried Pasrami, pickled cabbage and onion slaw, green apple and whipped feta in a burger ($10)

Again I have to say – totally hipster. Loved the casual vibes with people working on their laptops or grabbing a bite and a book to read. One of those few places to chill and catch up with friends and you don’t feel pressured to leave – I think I overstayed my welcome at 3.5 hrs though :P

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5

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