Fork On The Road, Adelaide

Man, Adelaide is looking pretty awesome these days with our new Vic Square, MCG-like Adelaide Oval and the revamping of Rundle Mall. Except for that weird spaceship ad trying to promote Adelaide – a nice video but it couldn’t stop the wtf thoughts surfacing. I still love you though Adelaide – especially things like Fork On The Road come busting in with food trucks roaring to pump out food, families enjoying the sunshine and friends coming together to find a feed. It’s Adelaide coming to life :)

Fork on the road

Fork on the road

Wandering around I couldn’t ignore the smells of paella from the Taste of Spain. I’m a sucker for delicious food smells – my nostrils will flare up in the middle of a conversation and I will scream “omg is that bacon?” (awkward ice breaker).

taste of spain

Oh no wonder I couldn’t ignore the smells – just look at the size of the giant paella!  Flavoursome chewy rice with bites of chicken and spicy chorizo. Umm, I kind of ate all of C’s dish. Oops.

taste of spain paella

Chicken and Chorizo Paella ($10)

C and I actually did a tag team where I lined up for Sneaky Pickle to get a tasting platter while he brought the paella. Sneaky Pickle is my favourite food truck with their decently priced meals (~$10) and they made a pickle fan out of me :D

sneaky pickle

Their tasting platter ($12) came with mini versions of their pastrami on rye, pulled pork buns and deep fried pickles. I’ve never been a fan of the pastrami on rye because it is loaded with meat – tasty for the first few bites but it gets a bit heavy afterwards. Hardcore meat lovers will like this though.

sneaky pickle

Tasting Platter – Pastrami on Rye, Pulled Pork Bun and Fried Pickles ($12)

Ahhh the pulled pork bun was too cute with a little sword stabbed in the middle – on guard! Crunchy refreshing coleslaw and soft, tender pulled pork cushioned in between two fluffy buns – heaven in a bite. P.S. that is S in the background – he wanted to be on the blog and after many photobombs he has made it :D

sneaky pickle

Toot toot! I love cute vans, especially The Little Cake Tin with their adorable desserts.

The Little Cake Tin Van

Meringue bang tang started with a lusciously soft meringue top, tangy lemon curd and cheesecake layer ending with a crumby biscuit base. A sneaky just-right treat after lunch ;)

The Little Cake Tin Van

Meringue Tang Bang – lemon curd cheese cake topped with fluffy meringue ($5)

Blue Moon – blueberry pannacotta ($5)

We tried a few of the Barossa Valley Icecream with my favourite being the salted caramel – flavours on the ball with a good balance between sweet caramel tones and a slight salty punch in the creamy icecream. Feeling a bit adventurous I had chosen the balsamic roasted strawberries which tasted like strawberry yogurt. It was alright for the first few spoonfuls but it started tasting a bit bland towards the end. The rum and raisin literally tasted like Bundaberg and coke – quite interesting :P

barossa valley icecream

Barossa Valley Icecream – $5 per cup

The Four Seeds stand was cute and modest with their old school, vintage setting. However, the macadamia brownie was a bit dry and bland – may need to try the Jaffa brownie that S recommended.


Macadamia Brownie ($4)

Great day out to see and eat from all these food trucks I didn’t even know existed – can’t wait to discover some more :)

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