Tasca Viva Restaurant Tapas Bar, Glenelg

I’m a bit shocked at people who constantly use their phone over a meal – okay the occasional message, a call or when you are trying to find something to show your friend is alright. But when you’re the person that sits there blankly whilst your friend decides to have an sms conversation with someone else, man it gets pretty awkward. I think 30+ year olds have got it right (maybe because they didn’t grow up in a world consumed with technology) – you don’t see phones out when they eat and they actually apologise when they pick up calls or message someone. Never seen the same behaviour in a 20 year old :P

Tasca Viva Restaurant Tapas Bar sangria

Sangria ($25 for a litre)

With good company, even a not so awesome meal still makes a great night. Dinner at Tasca Viva Restaurant down on Jetty Road, Glenelg is a little hidden place near the tram stop. Deciding to go with the banquet for $44.90 per person – it seemed like a good deal and made ordering a lot easier.

Tasca Viva Restaurant Tapas Bar salsas

Salsas – Tasca Viva Spanish dips served with pita bread

Entrees had something for everyone where everything tasted okay but nothing really stood out. Can’t really comment on the corn on the cob as it tasted just like sweet corn. Peppers filled with creamy goat cheese and crunchy muscatel grapes was an interesting combo that I liked (I’m slowly turning into a goat cheese liker). Croquetas were like deep fried mash potatoes with some ham inside. On to the mains!

Tasca Viva Restaurant Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob – Chargrilled with Paprika Butter and Manchego Cheese

Tasca Viva Restaurant Piquillo Peppers

Piquillo Peppers – Peppers filled with goats cheese and moscatel grapes

Tasca Viva Restaurant croquetas

Croquetas De Jamon – Spanish Potatoes and Ham Croquetas

Mild flavoured paella where Nando’s had more flavour – it kinda just tasted like rice with chorizo and capsicum thrown in.


Paella de Carne – Traditional Spanish baked rice dish with chicken, chorizo and capsicum

Err the patatas bravas tasted like frozen potatoes chips that have been reheated.

Tasca Viva Restaurant Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas – Handcut Potatoes topped with tomato paprika sauce and aioli

The beetroot, rocket, goatcheese and lentils salad wasn’t bad but it isn’t something I would want to pay for when C’s sister has a similar avocado salad up her sleeve.

Tasca Viva Restaurant Ensalade de Beetroot

Ensalada de Beetroot – Roost beetroot salad with lentils, mint and goatcheese

Prawns were overcooked feeling too rubbery with some very mild flavours.

Tasca Viva Restaurant gambas

Gambas – sizzling prawns with garlic, paprika and sherry

Salt and pepper squid, very heavily salted that was a bit hard to eat.

Tasca Viva Restaurant calamares fritos

Calamares Fritos – paprika, salt and pepper squid

I was quite surprised how small these turned out to be. Deep fried to a crispy bite with a soft, slightly gooey inside. Dipped in chocolate but just sad how small and little we got.

Tasca Viva Restaurant  Churros


I left having a good night because of the company but I felt that the food itself was quite underwhelming. It tasted alright but nothing in particular was amazing or struck out.

Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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